Friday, 30 December 2011

What did Santa bring?

So Christmas is officially over for another year and it went all too quickly for my liking! But luckily I have some amazing presents to keep my festive spirit going into the New Year and some gorgeous gifts to add to my ever growing beauty collection. Here are a few of the gifts I received from family, boyfriend and Santa of course......

My boyfriends parents bought me the Jo Malone Pomegranate noir body cream and body wash to match the fragrance I received for my birthday. Now the lovely smell will linger even longer and I have never had the pleasure of using Jo Malone body products so I can't wait to treat myself to a pampering evening with these!

Santa left me some lip goodies in my stocking including two Topshop lipsticks in Rumour has it and Infrared which I will review soon and a fabulous Vaseline collection with a cool extra large tin containing four different balms inside. I cant wait to try the cocoa butter version, it smells good enough to eat.

My parents bought me this perfume which I had never even tried before but they must know me better than I thought because I love the scent and it is totally my kind of fragrance. The bottle is a great design and I will be wearing this during the next few days to prepare for a review on it but so far I like it!

My boyfriends parents also bought me lots of OPI. I think my obsession is well known by everyone now and now I won't need to buy any polish for a long time! I got lots of colours and a base and top coat which I needed to I am really pleased with this collection.

No you are not seeing things. This is the Bobbi brown luxury make up case which I put on my luxury beauty gift guide post! My boyfriend has secretly been reading my blog and decided to buy me this amazing case despite it being on my "never going to happen" wish list. He gets major brownie points for not only buying an amazing present but also listening to me/reading my blog :)

Just one photo was not enough so I took a few. So pretty and luxurious!

Inside my Bobbi Brown make up case was an extra treat. Tom Ford Make up! I have been lusting after some since it launched but the high price tag meant I just couldn't justify spending that much on myself however the boyfriend did well once again and proved that he does hear me when I walk around Selfridges commenting on how much I adore high end make up. He chose a gorgeous eye palette and nail polish which I will of course try out this New years Eve and tell you guys all about very soon.

I then opened the drawer of the make up case and couldn't believe my eyes when I found this Marc by Marc Jacobs purse! I already own a black leather handbag from Marc by Marc and the rose gold watch, both bought by the man, and now this beauty completes my collection! I have wanted a designer purse for years and this purse is perfect. It is classic, understated and feels incredibly luxurious. I was very spoilt by the boyfriend this year!

My parents bought me the Clarisonic Mia in blue as my main beauty gift this year. I have been longing for one for months now after seeing rave reviews on beauty blogs and shopping sites but couldn't afford to treat myself to one so my wonderful mum and dad bought it for me :) My two sisters asked for one too so we all have one in a different colour. I have only used it twice but I am already loving the results. I will give it a month or so before I review it for you as this is how long most people tend to have to wait before seeing significant changes in their skin. 

This is just a selection of the gifts I received this year and I am so happy with all the presents! I am a little sad that it is all over but thankfully these gifts will keep me content in 2012 and remind me how lucky I am! 



  1. Hi Hayley, new follower, I love your blog! Looks like you got heaps of really nice things, I adore the smell of Euphoria and I am dying for a Clarisonic!

  2. Hi! thanks for following! yes i was very spoilt this year and the clarisonic is my new it!


  3. You got some lovely presents! Your boyfriend did well!!
    Carissa xx

  4. you got some gorgeous gifts! Love the Bobbi Brown make up case x

  5. hehe thanks carissa he did well didn't he ;)

    beauty balm i love my make up case! i am too scared to put anything in it lol