Sunday, 23 February 2014

Beauty Rediscovered - Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream

Whilst trying to stick to a spending ban I have been clearing out my beauty drawers and finding long lost products that I seem to have neglected. One of these is my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. Yes it smells a little odd and the texture is a bit bizarre but I forgot just how good this multi use product is. 

First and foremost this product does come in an unfragranced version so if the smell does put you off, don't give up on it yet! The packaging isn't particularly exciting but it is a cult classic in the beauty world and when a product does what it says it will I can forget about the aesthetic aspect. The texture is like a gel balm, not sticky but feels rich in texture. I love the handy and hygienic tube packaging, especially for use in my kit on make up jobs. 

I use this balm for lips, it is a great remedy for dry chapped lips without leaving too much of a high shine finish. It is fantastic for creating a sheen on cheekbones on photoshoots and for any very dry skin on hands or face it is an essential at this time of year!

I can't believe I ever tossed this to the back of my drawer as it has truly become a must have for me in the last few weeks! 


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The amazing Beauty Blender

I love brushes. I have a makeup brush addiction and am constantly buying new ones for myself and my kit. So when I first heard about Beauty Blenders, a sponge to apply foundation and concealer I was sceptical to say the least. I could not understand why anyone would choose to apply foundation with a sponge especially top make up artists. However I was randomly shopping in Guru Make up Emporium and spotted a duo pack of Beauty Blenders and thought why not give them a go. I left them in my drawer for ages, desperate to stick to my stippling brush ways, but a couple of months ago I decided to break open the packaging and apply my foundation with one. 

The sponge on the left has been used. On the right is brand new.

The sponge almost doubles in size when immersed into water and used. The new blender on the right looks much more appealing!

I had heard that it was best to dampen the sponge first with water squeezing out any excess water and then apply liquid foundation. It was as I first began to apply my liquid that I suddenly realised what all the fuss was about. My foundation literally disappeared onto my skin, blending in perfectly. I stippled the sponge onto the skin, pressing product onto the areas I wanted and could not believe how perfectly natural my skin looked. It was perfected but still looked like skin. I used the pointy tip to apply concealer and once again was astounded by the ease of application and flawless finish. 

I am by no means giving up on my foundation brushes however this has really opened my eyes to how many ways there are to use tools and makeup to provide results and I can honestly say that I will be repurchasing these blenders when mine have come to the end of their life. I will buy the duo pack again as it is much more cost effective at around £20 for the two. There are dupes out there for a cheaper price so may try them out but usually the original is best with these products so I am happy to pay for a good quality product that works!

A truly remarkable product!