Thursday, 13 March 2014

My favourite MAC blushers

There is no denying it, MAC have some incredible blushers and I'm willing to admit that I own far too many of them! Yes they may look similar but with different tones, textures and finishes there is a valid reason for each of these purchases (or at least thats what I tell myself). I have 6 stand out favourite MAC blushers that I tend to reach for the most in my personal collection. I have an entirely different collection in my working makeup kit which I have in palette form for easy storage.

My top 6:

Rosy Outlook - a pro longwear blusher with great staying power and a rosy pink natural tone
Warm Soul - a mineralise blush with a peachy brown nude tone and specks of shimmer
Poised - a limited edition sadly but a true neutral nude that works perfectly with a red lip!
Supercontinental - another limited edition but a great shimmer peach for summer
Royal Sunset - a limited edition bright yellow toned pink great with a pink lip
Margin - my oldest and most used, a frosted pinky gold perfect for nights out.

(Pictured left to right top to bottom)

Rosy Outlook, Supercontinental, Royal Sunset

Warm Soul, Margin, Poised 

Rosy Outlook is an absolute must have! This true powder pink tone suits light to medium skin tones and lasts all day on the skin. It is a matte finish and therefore contains no shimmer or frost making it flattering for mature skins too.

Warm Soul is my other must have. Because it is a mineral blusher, the shimmer is subtle and sits well on the skin. It blends beautifully and contains a soft peach brown tone which suits most skin tones. This is a favourite with many brides too.

What are your favourite MAC blushers and why?



  1. I still have a spare Royal sunset (and a Flamingo lipstick )in an unopened box. I bought it for a friend but she didn't like it.

    1. Ooo open them! hehe Royal Sunset is amazing for spring x