Thursday, 24 April 2014

My holy grail mascara!

I have tried ALOT of different mascaras but have very rarely repurchased each one as I have been on a constant search for "the one". There are many that have nearly hit the mark including Hourglass Film Noir and Lancome Hypnose Drama but I have never described a mascara as perfect. That was until I tried this beauty and the condition, length, volume and curl of my lashes was improved after one use. 

Chantecaille Faux Cils is by far the most expensive mascara I have ever bought and so it would be my luck that it is in fact the most incredible product I have ever used! At £35 I struggled to realised how a mascara could be worth this amount of money as I tend to spend more on skincare/foundation than I do on other makeup items. However after one day of wearing this mascara I understood why people continued to buy this expensive mascara. 

I have been a false lashes addict for a few years now, with short stubby lashes that never curled or looked voluminous I always reached for the falsies even in the day time to give myself more confidence and make my eyes look more attractive. But after owning this mascara for a month or so I can honestly say that I have worn false lashes perhaps twice in that time, then only at night time because the condition and strength of my lashes has improved vastly. I have never had compliments on my natural lashes but in the last month I have had so many comments on how great my lashes look!

This mascara is packed full of goodness. Rich in mineral salts with red seaweed extract to strengthen lashes and add elasticity this mascara never feels cakey or crispy but adds incredible length and volume. I have had zero fall down or smudging under my eyes either which is a huge factor for me as a working makeup artist. It is water resistant but not waterproof so you don't have to worry about smudging or flaking but it is removed easily with makeup remover. The brush is a classic shape which picks up the perfect amount of product. Chantecaille also do a longest lash version of this mascara which retails for £60 (ouch) but I have seen such fantastic results with this one that I will be sticking with it. The packaging is luxurious to say the least as with all Chantecaille products and it feels like a real treat purchasing this product.

I will continue to repurchase this mascara because it does everything I want in a product and so much more. My lashes have fallen in love with it and so have I.

Available from Space NK


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