Monday, 31 October 2011

Barely there mineral make up

I am always interested in finding new foundations, purely because I strongly believe that a good base is vital to creating the perfect make up look. Just like preparing a canvas for painting, a good foundation is necessary to create that flawless base reading for adding products to. I am a liquid foundation kind of girl so when the lovely folks at Bare Minerals sent me some of their original mineral foundation I was nervous but excited! The customer service was excellent and Anna made sure that I received the correct foundation colour to test out. I chose light because without my summer tan or layers of self tan I have a light complexion with yellow undertones. These are the goodies I found in my parcel......

Bare Escentuals brochure, Bare minerals original SPF 15 foundation in Light, Full flawless application brush

My first impressions were fantastic. The brochure is a gorgeous vibrant pink with beautiful design and detailed information of every product inside. I wasn't expecting to receive a brush for application so this was a bonus, particularly because as I tried the product, the brush worked perfectly with the foundation to create the base. The foundation was the perfect colour for my natural skin tone and although in the pot it looked a lot lighter, the minerals seem to almost adapt to your own skin tone upon application. I immediately noticed how light in texture the product was. When you look at the product it reminds you of a heavy powder, but because the minerals are so finely milled it feels nothing like this when you are wearing it. A few hours into the day I actually forgot I was wearing foundation and nearly went to put some liquid on! The texture feels like a light cream and certainly creates as luminous glow as it promises to. The formula is also available in Matte for girls with oily skin or who prefer a completely matte finish however the original is certainly not shiny and if you like a slight dewy natural finish to the skin I would recommend sticking with the original. The instructions in the lid explain how easy application is with three easy steps, swirl, tap and buff, to collect the perfect amount of product onto the brush, tapping off excess and buffing into the skin in circular motions to create a flawless finish.

It is not a cheap product at £23.00 for 8g of foundation and £24.00 for the brush however the small amount of product needed each time and the quality of the foundation and brush mean that both products will last a long time and provide effective results. I will definitely be using this foundation when summer comes around again next year but as it stands in this cold weather I just cannot live without my liquid foundations! This does not mean that I wont be using it at all. For work and days at home I will certainly be using this product all year round because it does create a good coverage and is perfect for natural day looks. However for events of evenings out I still feel a little naked without slightly heavier coverage but I am slowly weaning myself off full coverage liquids! I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't like liquid or heavy foundations but wants more coverage than a tinted moisturiser, for mature women who want to conceal fine lines but maintain a natural dewy finish to the skin or just for ladies who want to use products which benefit their skin instead of clogging their pores. 
The company claim that the make up is so pure you can sleep in it which is pretty impressive and tells you just how natural the ingredients are. This mineral make up has impressed me and I look forward to getting down to the Bare Escentuals with more of their products soon.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

I love "I love my muff"!

Yes you did read that right! I recently received a lovely little parcel from the folks at, a spa and beauty store based in Notting Hill which stocks this premium feminine care range. I love my muff products are vegan, cruelty free, free of parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances and handmade in Canada. The brand has been developed to provide mild and luxurious care for your special area :) I was very excited when I first saw the kit not only because of the great brand name but the packaging and style of the products was simple, clean and in my opinion a perfect reflection of a luxurious but affordable feminine care range.

I love my muff kit blue - £28

The great slogan on the back of the kit! And an explanation of the products inside

The kit comes in blue or green, both with different fragrances. The blue scent is a blend of lavender, clary sage and patchouli which is refreshing and light, great for us contains a wash, lotion, spray and set of travel wipes. All of the products are perfect for travel in compact sizes. The wash itself doesn't lather too much but leaves you with a lovely clean feeling. It is enjoyable using a product which has been created specifically for this area because many shower gels can cause discomfort. The lotion is soft and of a nice consistency and therefore soaks nicely into the area. The spray is light and refreshing and again great for travel or a quick spritz in warmer weather. The wipes are again a perfect travel companion and I could imagine these being fantastic for festivals or camping trips where you want get that extra clean feeling! 

I think these products are a fantastic idea. I have never come across a premium feminine care before, and the luxurious smell and texture of the products do make them feel special. The products can be bought separately however I see this range as a gift idea, great for buying for your sisters or friends who have a sense of humour but who want to take care of every part of their body. We spend so much money on our hair, skin, make up, it makes sense that we should also take care of our most intimate parts! So give this range a try and be proud to say "I love my muff"!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Eyeko goodies!

So I decided to purchase the new Eyeko mascara after the brand had a complete makeover including packaging and products. I have always been interested in the brand because of their tube mascaras and I love the new style of the range so I was excited when I received a bundle of goodies in the post :)

Eyeko Curvy brush mascara, two Eyeko Shields, Eyeko Chi Chi Polish

I only bought a curvy brush mascara so imagine my surprise when I opened my parcel and found two Eyeko shields and a nail polish! The mascara's come in three styles, skinny brush, fat brush and curvy brush. One of my favourite high end mascaras is Dior Extase which has a curvy style brush and I enjoy using these type of brushes because they seem to get to every lash including bottom lashes and create a lot of length and curl to the lashes so this was the choice for me! 

Eyeko Curvy brush mascara - £15

So lets start with the mascara itself. I love the packaging and tube is lightweight making this mascara perfect for carrying in my handbag or taking on holiday. The tube also allows the user to get every last bit of product out so I really feel like I will get my moneys worth with this mascara. The brush is perfect for lengthening and lash separation and the shape allowed me to get to the root of the lashes. I didn't get the volume I was hoping for but for the daytime this mascara is great. For evenings out I would have to stick with one of my false lash effect mascaras such as Lancome Hypnose drama where the lash volume is more extreme. The formula is quite wet which is a change for me as I often seem to pick slightly drier mascaras so I had to be aware of this just after applying in case I made a mess all over my eyelid! But the Eyeko shield also helps with this problem....... 
I received two shields in my parcel and was a little unsure what they were at first. They look like guitar plectrums but I assumed that as they were attached to a mascara this may not be their purpose! But on the back of the mascara packaging, their handy purpose is revealed! They can be held on the eyelid almost behind the lashes so that as you apply the mascara, any excess that would be deposited on the eye area is left on the shield instead therefore "shielding" your eyes from unwanted mascara blobs which can be a nightmare to remove. Great idea!

(Quick tip: If you do get mascara anywhere on your face, wait till the blob of product dries and finish the rest of your makeup before using a sharp ended cotton bud to twist it off the skin. It will come straight off without leaving a mark. Trying to remove it while its wet will let to dark streaks and may end up ruining any face makeup you have already completed)

The polish was also a welcome surprise as I have made no secret of my love for all things pink and glittery! This product is perfect for girly girls and if not give it to your friend as a treat. It was a freebie so I can't complain about the polish! I might upload a photo of the nail colour on my hands soon......
Overall I am pleased with the Eyeko style, packaging and products. I like the mascara for daytime use however I can't see myself rushing out to buy another one soon as £15 is quite expensive for a "nice" mascara when many more affordable brands are bringing out products which may perform the same job. My hunt for the perfect mascara continues but I have found an impressive brand with great customer service in Eyeko.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Thats not me shouting for attention! It is the name of the cosmetics brand I have been trying out the last week or so! The company MeMeMe Cosmetics has been running for a couple of years but I have only heard about the products quite recently. There are so many affordable cosmetic companies on the high street at the moment that it's tough to choose between them, but after hearing great reviews about this brand I decided to give them a go! I received a gorgeous bundle of goodies from MeMeMe, including a highlighter, blusher, lipstick, lipgloss and mascara.

The website and packaging are a kind of Greek Goddess style with floral type detailing which is very appealing. The packaging is simple but pleasing with clear text and a nice feel to the range. I particularly liked the matt black feel of the mascara packaging. The packaging and quality combined are what has led me to my two stand out products from the bundle I received. 
Firstly the blush, in shade coral, has compact packaging including a small brush for application and a mirror hidden in the top of the lid. This mirror is a great idea for girls applying make up on the go and the brush is a handy addition, although I would probably have my blusher brush with me too as I am not over keen on the shape of the brush inside. However it is the pigment and staying power of the product on the cheek which impressed me most. The colour is a true coral colour with no shimmer giving a beautiful light pop of colour to the cheek. It would look gorgeous on sun kissed skin in the summer but also looked great when I paired it with black eyeliner and berry lips with my winter coat this week :) 

MeMeMe Blush me! Blush box in Coral - £8.50

The other stand out product for me was the Light me up Lipgloss in shade 8 Shimmer, a deep berry red colour. Again the pay off was excellent and the colour is stunning. I am becoming more and more adventurous with my lip colours and was lacking a berry tone for this season and so this was a great addition to my current pink and nude collection of shades. It is the packaging that takes this product to a whole new level of exciting! The name of the gloss gives away its extra special element! The wand lights up as you pull it out to apply and the wand has a mirror on the side, therefore you can apply on the go AND in the dark! This product is the ultimate clubbing girl's must have because it allows you to check and top up your lip colour in a taxi ride or on the dance floor! Even my dad said "that is genius" when he saw it which coming from a man who has no interest in the world of beauty is a pretty strong statement! A real must have in my opinion.

Light me up Lipgloss in shade 8 Shimmer - £6.99 

Overall I am impressed by this brand! I like the packaging, enjoyed using all of the products and would definitely repurchase some items. The brand is also affordable which means I don't feel so guilty about loving it! The blusher is very similar to the Benefit blusher boxes which retail at £23.50 and comes with a very similar brush but this cheaper version includes a mirror and from what I can see it is just as good as it's expensive competitor. If you are on a budget but don't want to compromise quality, it is worth checking out the MeMeMe Cosmetics brand, if only for the light up gloss ;)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Dear Santa

I have been good all (most) of the year, so please could you bring me the following on Christmas morning :) 
Here is my beauty wish list for this year! 

1. Clarisonic Mia - A sonic technology face tool, similar to the way a sonic toothbrush works, to remove make up six times more effectively than regular cleansing techniques. It takes only 1 minute to clean the entire face, and the tool tells you when to move onto different sections of the face by bleeping, making it simple and effective to use. The Mia is to be used with a cleanser, to get the benefits of the product combined with the technology. 
The colour choice is great, especially for the Christmas gift season, and I have my eye on the turquoise blue colour! I have told my two sisters about the product and now we all have it on our list. The reviews on beauty blogs have been great which makes me believe that despite its hefty price tag of £120, it is worth investing in to improve the texture of my skin. The handy travel size of this product and charger also means that it can be taken on holiday or a weekend away. The tool comes with a cleanser however I will probably try and use one of my personal favourites from Liz Earle and see how they work together. 

2. Babyliss Waving Wand - An oval shaped ceramic wand which creates loose waves or curls in the hair. The shape of the wand means that instead of giving a tight curl, a looser more natural wave is created, which is exactly the kind of look I would like to create. I already use my GHD's to create curls and I have a large barrel curling tong for large hollywood style curls and so this waving wand would be the perfect addition to my styling tool family! It comes with a heat protective glove and has five heat settings depending on hair type. It is also affordable at only £20.42 on Amazon so I just have to put this tool on my list!

3. Sigma "Make me classy" Professional Brush Set - A collection of twelve of Sigma's bestselling professional brushes, presented in a black case. This set contains the essentials for make up application including foundation, concealer and eye brushes. I would love this set because I have various brushes from different brands but want a full set for personal or professional use. The handles are black and sleek, and the elegant case becomes two holders when taken apart to store the brushes in. The collection also comes in a pink version which is fun and pretty, however I prefer the classic style of the black. The collection is £84.95 from

4. Beauty Box San Remo Black Cosmetic Case - A large professional beauty case to hold cosmetics. With lined compartments and deep drawers it is perfect for holding make up, beauty or nail products for personal or professional use. The case is sleek with a black finish and chrome detail. I have lots of make up bags around my house with random cosmetics in but this way I can put all of my beauty essentials in one place and save time turning the house upside down looking for a certain nail polish or eye shadow! It is £39.99 from Amazon and I hope it arrives so I can start organising!

5. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir cologne - I have been after this fragrance for a while now purely because it is like nothing I have ever smelt before! It is hard to describe, but the scent is fruity but with a dark edge to it. It is almost masculine with aromatic floral notes and smells seductive and sexy. I would wear this scent in the evening or in the Autumn/Winter months in particular. I have run out of many of my perfumes recently and so this one scent would certainly make up for these losses :) At £72.00 for 100ml from it is not a cheap purchase but the scent is so beautiful it has to go on the list!

Thanks for reading! Please leave comments below and tell me (and Santa) what is on your Christmas wish list!

If you like pink glitter...... NEED this nail colour from OPI! Excuse Moi! is another glitter beauty from the OPI Muppets Collection Christmas 2011. If you are not much of a girly girl this colour might not be the one for you, but as it turns out I am a lover of all things glitter when it comes to nails and so this was at the top of my wish list when the collection came out.

Excuse Moi! £10.50

This colour is in my opinion the perfect colour for party season. I have so many red and burgundy shades ready for winter, but this lacquer blends pink and glitter perfectly to create a colour to suit any occasion. I paired this colour with a nude shirt and fur gilet over the weekend and it looked great. OPI is an amazing brand used by professional nail technicians worldwide and therefore the quality of the product is second to none. The application was as easy as any other OPI lacquer, the glitter glided onto the nail with no problems and created an evenly spaced sparkle effect without the need to move any glitter particles around myself. The colour is pink but not sickly, with a slight red hue to it.

This is definitely a new favourite for me. It would also look great on toes and would look great on holiday when the sun could pick up the effect of the glitter tones. I used a base coat to protect the nails, Nail Envy by OPI, then 2 coats of the lacquer, followed by a clear top coat by Rimmel to produce this result. I usually find that glitter polishes need at least three coats to get good coverage over the nail however two was enough and I could even have gotten away with one coat. The only downside of this product is that it took me a good amount of time to remove it before work this week! I soaked cotton pads in nail polish remover but it still took some effort to remove all traces of glitter and so be prepared to put in some work if you choose this lacquer. However, I believe it is worth it :) The polish lasted perfectly all weekend and only a few chips began to appear whilst I was doing tasks.

Please leave a comment on this fab colour and sign up to follow my blog if you like! More amazing OPI colour reviews coming very soon........

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blonde to Brunette!

Whilst I am on the sofa "enjoying" the football with my man, I thought i'd show you my new hair! I have been getting blond highlights in my mousey brown hair for about 10 years and this season I decided to go for an all over colour similar to my natural shade but go without highlights! eek! Not a drastic change but for me to not have any blonde in my hair is a really big deal. So here is my transition from blonde to brunette!



It is an all over light brown colour and has been left very shiny and strong by the colour treatment. This look was achieved by the amazing skills of my hairdresser, Janet, a family friend who is the only person I have ever let touch my locks! Don't get my wrong, I do love my hair blonde but with the weather getting colder and my real tan fading I felt like a change was in order so I took a risk and I hope you agree that it paid off :) Plus I can wave goodbye to the worry of my roots growing back every few weeks!

I have recently run out of my Tigi Colour Combat Dumb Blonde shampoo and conditioner and therefore this is the perfect time to find a great coloured hair range to keep the colour and condition of my new hair going strong. So please leave comments below on your favourite coloured hair products and I will let you know what I decide to buy!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

If you like glitter... will love this nail polish! After a long browse through the latest OPI collection for Christmas 2011, the Muppets collection, this nail polish was an absolute must have. It is like nothing I have ever owned or even seen before and is perfect for the coming Christmas season. My sister decided to apply it as soon as the package arrived through pure excitement and so here is some photos of her wearing it!

OPI Rainbow Connection - 2 coats over black polish

mmm its so pretty!

So as you may have guessed I adore this polish! It needs a couple of coats to get a good finish because of the flecks of glitter and can be worn over an existing colour to give it a bit more depth as shown in these photos. I have also purchased a pink glitter and a gold lilac tone amongst others and so I will show you these asap!

Monday, 17 October 2011

"Lather, rinse, repeat" - my haircare routine

I think it is time for a bit of haircare don't you? Firstly hello to all my new followers, it makes me very happy to see your faces pop up on my blog homepage :) So lets get down to business........
I am not ashamed to say that I am willing to spend a fair amount of time and money on my hair, purely because I believe that hair can make or break a look and when I take a lot of care to do my makeup and look after my skin it only seems right to apply the same rules to my mane! At the moment I have a couple of hair routines depending on the finished look I desire e.g. straight, curly or natural hair. I use the same shampoo and conditioner each time, but have found styling products which work perfectly for each look.

Tigi Bedhead Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner duo -
£21.50 with free delivery

This giant duo are my go to shampoo and conditioner. I have repurchased these a few times because they smell great, leave my hair in amazing condition and because of the size they last me a long time. Being 750ml each, they are obviously not the perfect travel companion but I tend to buy small travel sizes anyway for holidays or weekends away. I have these in my shower all the time and the products are only now coming to an end after months and months of use. Tigi is a professional brand used in many salons and therefore more expensive than pharmacy or supermarket brands however you can get some great deals online including duo packs or gift sets. 

L-R: Tigi S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer 200ml - £13.50
L'Oreal Professionnel Techni.Art extra full volume mousse - £8.45
Tigi Rockaholic Born To Rock Leave in Detangler - £5.50

There are so many styling products on the market at the moment that it can be hard to pick the perfect product for your personal hair needs. I have found these to be great for my fine, coloured hair however those with curly, dry or unruly hair may find other products more moisturising or controlling. I like to use the Tigi smoothing lusterizer for when I am wearing my hair straight. I apply the product to damp hair and it is immediately easier to brush through and when I use my GHD's to straighten when the hair is dry, it feels silky, soft and looks shiny. A great product for those who suffer from knotty hair or flyaways and frizz.
I use the L'Oreal mousse when curling or waving my hair using either GHD's or curling tongs as it creates the perfect amount of volume for my usually fine and fairly limp hair. I often curly my hair for evenings out and have previously found the style losing volume during the course of the night however this mousse really helps the height and style to stick around longer and now that I have tried it I couldn't curl my hair without a mousse that thickens like this one.
The last product in the photo, the Tigi detangler, has been in my bathroom for over a year and I still have so much product left in the bottle! I spritz it into my damp hair, and allow it to do its job whilst I continue to get ready. After a few minutes I find it easy to brush through my hair and like all of the Tigi products, it smells fantastic. This product is great if you want to leave your hair to dry naturally as well as before using styling tools. I use this product the most as it detangles, defrizzes, has a great smell and most of all it leaves my hair in perfect condition.
I always finish a curled hairstyle with hairspray such as Tresemme Firm hold which, as promised, holds the style all day and all night.

So that was my current haircare favourites but as any beauty addict knows the list is always growing longer!
 I am also interested in trying a new shampoo and conditioner for the coming winter months and would love to hear your suggestions for my fine, coloured hair........

Friday, 14 October 2011

St Moriz - tanning on a budget

On my quest to find the perfect self tan, I was recommended St Moriz by a couple of friends and when I saw the price of £2.99 for a large bottle of mousse there was no excuse not to give it a go! I purchased the dark mousse version from and it was delivered only a couple of days later so I would highly recommend purchasing this way. The St Moriz range also contains a medium mousse as well as lotion formulas and tanning mitts. For only £2.99 I received 200ml of dark mousse product and because of this incredibly low price I was expecting a wearable but not brilliant colour. But once again I found that affordable does not mean a compromise on quality.

Packaging - The style of the bottle is similar to other fake tan brands, with simple branding and a pump disposal system. This allows the perfect amount of product for each area, for example one pump for each arm or leg.

Texture - The mousse is quite light in texture and foamy which allows it to glide onto the skin. It does dry very fast upon application though so it is important to work quickly to get the product rubbed into the skin to avoid streaking. The mousse feels slightly sticky on the skin but dries fairly quickly and so it is not an unpleasant experience.

Smell - The tan is not strong fragranced however there is a slight biscuit smell as with many other tans. However when washed off it is hard to detect and certainly is not off putting. I always follow with a moisturiser the next day anyway and so the smell is covered by my favourite lotion fragrance.

Colour - The colour is indeed very dark and if you are new to tanning or very fair I would suggest trying the medium mousse first. However, as a tanning addict, I am always looking for a deep colour as I spend a lot of time bathing, exfoliating and moisturising to achieve a good colour and so I like to go all out if i am putting that much time and effort into preparation! The colour guide is very dark upon application and deepens to a deep tan overnight but after washing off, an olive colour remains on the skin.

The colour was not as dark as I had expected however I applied another coat of tan the next evening and was left with my perfect shade. The colour was surprisingly good for such an inexpensive tan. It was olive based and therefore natural looking. I am used to spending from £15-£25 on a self tan and therefore this is a much more affordable option! I will of course be repurchasing this product purely because of the great price and good outcome however I cannot go without my Xen-tan or famous dave's purely because  of the incredible colour of both.
 I would personally buy the Xen-tan for a good base coat tan to use when I have time to apply the lotion, the famous dave's tan for when I want to use a moisturising, paraben free, quick mousse with great colour finish and St Moriz for quick top up tanning or perhaps to enhance a natural tan during and after holidays. Either way, this product is worth trying and delivers impressive results!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

FOTD - Sleek Storm

Here is my first "Face of the day"! I decided to show you guys one of the looks you can create using the Sleek storm palette I reviewed in a recent blog post.
I used two of the natural colours, one matte beige tone and one shimmer purple/bronze tone. I wore this look to a concert last night as it is fairly natural in colour but the frosted colour gives it an extra wow factor for the evening......

Foundation - Chanel Pro Lumiere in Beige 40
Concealer - MAC studio fix in NC30
Blush - NARS Multiple stick in Orgasm
Bronzer - Chanel soleil de tan 
Eyeshadow - Sleek Storm Palette. Third and sixth colour from top row and black from bottom row (see Sleek blog post for photo)
Mascara - Lancome Hypnose Drama
Eyeliner - Bobbi Brown gel liner in black
Eyebrows - MAC Cork
Highlighter - Benefit Hollywood Glo
Lipstick - MAC Shy Girl
Lipgloss - MUA Shade 5
Powder - MAC Mineralize skin finish in medium plus

Tools - Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers
Sponge for foundation application
Ruby and Millie eye brush (m) short for applying eyeshadow
MAC 224SE for blending eyeshadow
MAC 266SE for applying shadow to eyebrows
Bobbi Brown ultra fine eye liner brush
MAC 128SE for bronzer
Ecotools powder brush

Hope you guys like it! Please feel free to comment and a warm welcome to my new followers :) 

Monday, 10 October 2011

MUA - Making Make Up Affordable

This month Superdrug launched an exclusive make up range called MUA- Make Up Academy and after reading rave reviews from my favourite beauty gurus I decided it was time to try it out. I received a collection of goodies from MUA which included a lipstick, lipgloss and two eyeshadow sets. The packaging is simple and effective but it is the colours which provide the excitement with this brand.

L-R Extreme Metallics eyeshadows in Starstruck, Trio eyeshadow in Eden, Lipstick in shade 9, Lipgloss in shade 5

So let me tell you a bit more about this brand and then my review on each product. The range contains over 100 products including lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, blusher, bronzer, eyeshadow and nail varnish and every item costs only £1. Yes thats right, £1! Being a total makeup junkie I am used to spending £20-£30 per product on myself so this fact astounded me. But it also left me feeling a little unsure about the quality of the products as I have often come across bargain make up which doesn't deliver in terms of colour or pigment. So could a product that costs only £1 possibly compare to a high end brand? Here are my thoughts on each product :)

Left: Extreme Metallics 4 shades 
Right: Trio 3 shades

Extreme Metallics eyeshadow in Starstruck- This collection of 4 eyeshadows is very appealing to the eye. The colours are vivid and combine the brights of green and pink with the neutrals of gold and brown. A good product for those who like to use natural colours for the day but then try something different at night. These colours could be used alone with a flick of black eyeliners or combined to create a soft smokey eye. The texture is frosted and therefore those who like their matte eyeshadows should steer clear as the effect is quite shimmery. The compact is indeed very compact and perfect for travel and changing a look in an instant. I am slightly concerned that the colours could blend into each other after a few uses because of the set up of strips of colour however if taken care of this should not occur. If you love metallics and vivid colour, with 4 colours for £1, you can't go wrong with this product!

Trio eyeshadow in Eden- This compact contains three co ordinating shades, which would ideally be used together to create a complete eye look. The name Eden perfectly describes the colours, which immediately made me think of nature and being outdoors. The green tones are suitable for spring/ summer in particular. The shades are again frosted so they really catch the light when worn, great for day or evening looks. I personally shy away from green shadow colours however these are very wearable and I would use them with a dust of bronzer and a pinky nude lip. The best thing about this compact is that on the back of the product, the customer is given a small tutorial on where to use each colour to create a smokey/defined eye look. Many make up addicts may not need this information but for young girls new to using make up this is a real bonus as it teaches how to use colours together, something which many women struggle with. It also includes a small sponge applicator for use on the go. I also prefer the layout of the trio with separate circles of eyeshadow and a good amount of product.

Lipstick in shade 9

Lipstick- I was pleasantly surprised with the texture and colour of the lipstick. I adore MAC lipsticks and more recently Topshop make up and so I am always skeptical about cheaper brand lip products. But as you can see from the photo above the lip colour is rich and sits beautifully on the skin. The texture was soft and glided onto the lips. I usually opt for pink, nude or coral tones of lipsticks and so this berry brown shade was a real change for me. But I have enjoyed wearing it! Especially with the weather getting colder, this shade is perfect for Autumn, and I have combined it with neutral eye shades and a pop of blusher for a classic look. I will definitely purchase some more colours to play with because they are well pigmented yet affordable.

Lipgloss- The lip gloss I received was in shade 5, a bright pink shade with flecks of gold. This colour is exactly the colour I would choose for myself and so I must admit I have worn this product the most. The colour is a vivid pink, but looks almost natural on the lips with a hint of gold shimmer with instantly plumps the look of the lips. The gloss is in a handy tube and is perfect for popping into my handbag and applying throughout the day. I have also used this on top of the lipstick which creates a beautiful pink berry colour and I would use this gloss over many of my lipstick colours to create a shimmery finish. The texture is not sticky or uncomfortable plus it tastes delicious! I think I will be buying this colour again and again because it is the perfect pink.

Overall I am very impressed with this brand. I did not expect this kind of quality from such a low price. It is worth trying it because of the £1 price, but also because the range of colours available are a real invitation to try out new colours and become a little more creative with your make up wardrobe!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Beauty Bookworm!

I thought I would share my favourite beauty books with you :) I usually ask for at least 1 beauty/make up book for Christmas or birthday. I love having a collection which I can look through when I need tips or inspiration for creating looks on myself and others. They also provide me with checklists and step by step guides to looking after myself so that my skin, hair and make up look their best. Here are my favourite 4 books at the moment and why I believe they are worth investing in:

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual - RRP £20 

Why is it worth buying? 

This book is suitable for everyone, beginner to professional make up artist. Great for people looking into make up as a career with some tips on getting into the industry with names of contacts and professional stores. Includes step by step guides with final looks. Covers skincare, diet, make up essentials and much more. Includes enough information if you wanted to invest in just one book. Especially good for those who enjoy wearing natural flawless make up.

Jemma Kidd make-up masterclass - RRP £22.50

Why is it worth buying?

This book includes tips and tricks from a professional make up artist which will help you improve your make up skills. It covers a wide range of skin tones, seasons, occasions and therefore every reader can tailor make their own personal look. Also looks at day and night looks with step by step guides and excellent photos to give the reader the full effect of the skin finishes. Also includes many close up photos which are useful when re creating eye and lip looks.

Rae Morris Makeup the ultimate guide - RRP £16.99

Why is it worth buying?

Rae Morris is a successful creative make up artist and gives her personal guide to preparation and application. Includes step by step lessons and gallery from naked skin to finished look to allow the reader to follow each step carefully. Focus is mainly on eye looks, with some incredible photographs of dramatic and creative eye looks. If you are particularly interested in how make up is used for eyes then this is the book for you. Also includes a guide on skincare, brushes and make up tools. A great book for budding make up artists or just those who adore make up.

Lauren Conrad Style - RRP £14.99

Why is it worth buying?

Something a little different here for girly girls who want a complete guide on how to look gorgeous. Being a huge fan of Lauren Conrad myself, I wanted this book because I love her style and how she always looks well presented. The book tells you all about Lauren, from how to recreate her famous winged eyeliner look to how to pose correctly for a photo. This book is also great for young women who want to know how to buy the right wardrobe for their shape, how to look after skin, and even how to customize clothes. The make up section is a quick and easy guide to creating looks and although it doesn't have step by step photos like more concise make up based books, the descriptions are easy to follow and the looks are mainly quick tutorials for girls who are short of time but want to look beautiful.

I have written the RRP of the books however it is worth going onto sites such as Amazon where many of these books are almost half price! I will hopefully be building on my collection of books this Christmas, with books by Scott Barnes and AOFM already on my wishlist! Please leave comments on your favourite books and happy reading!

Monday, 3 October 2011

The infamous "Famous Dave"

 Here we go again with my second self tan blog post. The weather has been unusually gorgeous these last few weeks but that doesn't mean that I don't reach for my fake tan! Whether you are stuck at work, cautious about sun damage or just a sucker for a deep tanned faux glow, self tan is the answer to combatting pale bodies! As I have previously mentioned I am a huge fan of Xen tan products, but that doesn't mean that I am not still searching for great tans. A recent discovery I made was Famous Dave's tanning products and I am already a fan after just a few applications.

I heard about this product on the beauty grapevine, with many beauty editors and magazines claiming it was the new self tan to try with its natural colour, easy application and lack of biscuit smell. The product most raved about being the Famous Dave's tanning mousse gold edition. On the brands website, I found a Gold edition self tanning gift set containing full size mousse, tanning mitt and exfoliating body buffer. I decided to go for the set to give the entire brand a chance and experience a few products at once. Not to mention that at £36.99 it was better value than buying mousse and scrub alone.

The packaging is simple and not particularly exciting as with most self tans but its whats inside that counts! So lets start with the body buffer, an effective natural exfoliant containing small ground walnut husks within a gel like texture which feels like its working to remove dead skin cells but does not feel as harsh as some of the sugar based scrubs which can sometimes leave the skin a little red and sore. It worked well to create a good base for the self tan and was also good at keeping the tan for longer. I used it a few days after application and it prevented any collection in body areas such as knees and elbows and kept the tan going till the end of the week and sometimes longer. The only issue I had was when removing the tan completely in order to start again, the scrub wasn't quite strong enough and therefore I used a body scrubbing mitt alongside the product or one of my sugar scrubs to completely remove the old tan. I would recommend the scrub for preparation, holding onto the tan but not necessarily removal of the tan.

Now onto the tan itself. I am used to the lotion texture of Xen tan dark lotion and so using a mousse was a little strange at first. The texture is lighter and it dries much quicker which meant I found myself working quickly in application and blending of the tan. I completed my full body in minutes and was dry soon after so this tan is perfect for applying just before bed or even in the morning or before a special event however as with all tans I would recommend applying in the evening, sleeping in it and then washing off in the morning to let the tan work onto the skin and to achieve the perfect colour.

This is the colour I was left with the next morning. I was really impressed with the bronze colour of this tan. The tone is very similar to the Xen tan dark lotion which automatically put this tan up there with my current favourite. The only difference I can find between the two is the texture and ease of application. I have to admit that using a mousse is much quicker for both application and drying time. Lotions are a little more moisturising and so if you do choose to use a mousse you may find yourself having to moisturise a little more often. However this gold edition is definitely a more impressive mousse than others, containing natural anti-oxidents,moisturisers and even anti-ageing ingredients. It also includes pomegranate extract and ensures that you are not left with that tell-tale fake tan smell. Bonus! The tanning mitt was very good too with a good texture to the mitt and allowed smooth and fuss free application.

In conclusion I would definitely repurchase this product. It is a great colour, quick drying, little to no smell and contains natural ingredients. I would use this on days I had less time to self tan whereas Xen tan dark lotion will be kept for nights I have time to slather on the lotion and wait for it to dry. A great product from Famous Dave's. Dave, whoever you are, I salute you!