Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Holiday wish list

I have officially booked my summer holiday which means the holiday shopping can commence! I am off to Portugal in July and will no doubt NEED an entire new summer wardrobe to take with me ;)

As an online shopping addict I am always on the hunt for new goodies so I thought I would share my current holiday wishlist with you!

Michael Kors Selma bag  

I have been lusting after this bag for a few months and this orange colour would be perfect for the summer season! It also comes in a beautiful emerald green which would be stunning alongside a tan. I love the shape and size of the bag which has enough room for everyday essentials (and alot of makeup) but doesn't look bulky. The short handles and long strap allow for both everyday and travel use. This is definitely top of my wishlist and I am considering putting aside money each week and putting a spending ban on beauty products in order to invest in this £315 beauty before I go away.


My favourite site at the moment for bikini browsing is ASOS who have a wide range of separate pieces which is ideal as I am much large on top than on bottom! They do a variety of swimwear for bust DD+ and this nautical bikini is one of my favourites! I am looking into buying 2 or 3 bikinis to add to my collection and will try to get different styles and colours to match different outfits I will be wearing in Portugal. I usually opt for bikinis over swimsuits for tanning reasons but need to get the summer diet going if I hope to look anything even close to this by July! I have also been looking at Victoria's secret bikinis however I believe only the underwear not swimwear is available in the UK :( 

In Transit No Traces - This Works

I am so happy to see a travel friendly range from skincare brand This Works! I have already invested in their primer/moisturiser/mask combo (review coming soon) and love the style and quality of the products. These makeup removing pads seem like a great way to remove makeup without leaving the skin feeling dry or being too harsh like most makeup wipes are. At £17 they are much pricier than makeup wipes however I would be happy to pay this for a product that cleanses, brightens and calms sensitivity. I love cleansing properly and removing all dirt and grime so I would probably use these as a pre cleansing step to take the initial layer of makeup off then cleanse with a balm/oil based cleanser to get that deep clean feel. It contains 60 pads which would be more than enough for my 11 night holiday.

Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette

I fell in love with this fragrance about 4 years ago and yet I have never purchased it. It is more pricey than most perfumes I usually buy at £70/100ml and yet is probably much less than the amount I spend on makeup a week and so I have decided that this year I will try and invest! I love the scent, with notes of fig in it it truly smells like summer and is the cult fragrance by Diptyque. I love many of their perfumes but this one just has the edge for me. The perfume description online talks about the scent of Greek islands and warm sun which for me sums it up perfectly. 

Dermalogica travel kit Normal/Oily

I love trying new skincare products and am always finding new favourites but there will always be at least one Dermalogica product in my skincare routine! I always make sure that I have their products in my collection just in case I don't get on with a new cleanser! I like the fact that their products do what they say they will do and for someone who wear alot of makeup to work I can trust the brand to give me that clean skin feeling at the end of the day. For that reason I would like to buy the travel kit for my holiday so that I have my favourite essentials with me! I have normal to combination skin to the normal/oily kit would be best for me in the summer months. It includes two of my all times favourites, special cleansing gel and multi active toner. This means I won't have to pack all my full size favourites and this will fit into my suitcase no problem!

What are your holiday must haves?


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tan Time!

So as you may well know I am a total fake tan addict. As a naturally fairly pasty individual I am constantly on the hunt for the best fake tan in order to give me a healthy glow so when the people from offered to send me some tanning essentials I couldn't say no ;)

I promptly received a package containing lots of goodies including fake tan mitt, exfoliating mitt, headband and Fake Bake original lotion which is one tan I have never used!

I have heard rave reviews about fake tan original so I was keen to give it a try. What first shocked me about the product was the odd smell, for me it is far too strong so I would only use this for the great colour it gives. The second shock was the very dark guide colour but when washed off it gives a lovely natural golden glow and would be perfect for first time tanners or those of you who prefer a natural look. I am used to using much darker tans so for me this was best after two applications! 

The stand out products for me were the accessories themselves. The tanning mitt feels secure and good quality with a lovely smooth application side. The exfoliation mitt is a must have for all tanners because it removes all traces of old tan without feeling uncomfortable on skin. I simple used my shower gel with the mitt to scrub away the old before putting on the new! The headband is also fantastic for stopping tan from getting into the hair, being blonde I find this especially annoying so this is a neccessity for me! 

The tan land site offers free delivery in the UK which for me is a massive thumbs up and they stock a variety of well known brands including Xen Tan (one of my all times favourites) and tans I am very keen to try such as Makebelieve and He-shi. I will be using up my current collection of tans then placing an order to try these soon :)

What are your favourite tans?


Monday, 1 April 2013

April empties!

I can't believe its April already! As a new month begins, I have suddenly run out of some essentials so I thought I would post my empties and whether I will be repurchasing or not! I have included some skincare, haircare and general grooming products. Luckily I haven't run out of any makeup pieces as I have been stocking up on mascaras and powders just in case of emergency ;) 

Here are my empties! L-R Dermalogica soothing eye makeup remover, Blanx white shock toothpaste with LED accelerator, Mitchum advanced control deodorant stick, Xen Tan dark lotion, Ojon Colour sustain shampoo, Kerastase Elixir Ultime hair oil.

I have had some of these over a year whilst others have been recent finds so here is a run down of what I won't be repurchasing and why!

Dermalogica soothing eyemakeup remover - I am a Dermalogica fanatic and most of my current skincare routine contains these fabulous products. So I thought I would give this remover a try. However it is the only product of theirs I would not repurchase. It is not a bad makeup remover, it simply doesn't removed the amount of makeup I wear! For work I am often sporting a dark smokey eye and this remover just doesn't have the power to budge dark colours and gel eyeliners but for someone who wears more natural eye makeup this is a lovely gentle remover. However I will be sticking to removers which are more specifically geared towards long wearing makeup products.

Mitchum advanced control - Again this is not a bad product by any means but running around at work I was not kept completely dry with this product so I am still on the hunt for the perfect deodorant! The mitchum brand has impressed me more than most others though so I may try another product from the same range and see how I get on with it. I do like the fact that the cream is hydrating and dries instantly but will be trying other deodorants before repurchasing this.

Ojon colour sustain shampoo - The conditioner of this range is still going strong however as always the shampoo has run out quicker. The size of this product is fantastic as I can simply keep it in the shower and not worry about when its going to run out! However that day has finally come and even though I have enjoyed this product I am unsure as to whether I will buy it again. I love trying new products so for me to repurchase a hair product I have to truly fall in love with it and this didn't happen with this shampoo. Its a lovely rich texture with an appealing smell however for my hair (fine and slightly oily at roots) it didn't give me enough body. I would highly recommend it for thicker drier hair types which have been coloured though.

Blanx White shock with LED accelerator - I was sent this toothpaste by Blanx to try and despite my scepticism of the LED, I was pleasantly impressed by this product! I love having a bright smile and after recently getting my teeth whitened at the Pro Beauty show, I wanted to keep up that white look to my teeth and this has certainly done that! It doesn't come with a colour chart but I can see that my teeth are a great shade and when I wear my favourite orange red lipstick they look gleaming! The LED light attachment activates the whitening agent in the toothpaste and even though it looks like a gimmick it seems to really work. I would repurchase this.

Xen Tan dark lotion - One of my all time favourites tans, I already have a back up ready to use. This tan gives a natural golden looking colour so even though I tend to use slightly darker tans for nights out this is the perfect everyday colour and lasts well on the skin. It is hydrating too so I get less flaking and patchiness. The colour guide is quite dark but when you wash it off in the morning you are left with a golden holiday colour. This tan will always have a place in my collection.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime hair oil - I love this hair oil! I have since tried L'oreal mythic oil and whilst that is a beautiful product there is something special about this one that makes me want to repurchase despite the higher price tag! The smell alone is enough to tempt me into buying again! The texture is rich but not greasy and it makes brushing and drying the hair so much easier. My hair always feel softer after blow drying when I use this and it now comes in coloured hair versions so I may try one of those too. A must have for anyone who likes to treat their hair! 

What have you run out of this month and are you rushing out to buy more?