Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Anastasia Brow Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills makes some of the most amazing brow products I have ever tried. The brow wiz is an exception pencil, the brow powder is beautiful so when I saw that they had released a brow gel I knew I had to try it. This brand is huge in America but still creeping into the UK it has only one UK stockist that I have found, Cult Beauty.

This gel comes in a variety of colours but I opted for the lightest, Blonde, as I have recently had more light pieces put through my hair again in the wishful hope that it will bring Spring/Summer sooner!

You can see from the pictures that the colour is ideal for blondes as its not too warm but not too ash grey and therefore matches fair hair perfectly. It is also a build able colour so for nights out you can go a little deeper in tone by adding a bit more product. I use an angled brow brush to apply it in light feathery strokes almost mimicking each hair on the brow and added a bit more depth at the bottom of the brow to create an almost ombre effect.

This product is incredible. It looks natural but polished, subtle but defined and stays put all day! I have used it alone as well as in conjunction with the powder and pencil and it works great all three ways. I will definitely be buying more colours for my kit as I cannot bear to part with this. It has become an every day must have for me! 

If you are looking to invest in new brow products and are not sure whether to go for pencil or powder this is the perfect combination of the two with the added benefit of holding the hairs in place.

Perfection in a pot


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