Sunday, 24 February 2013

Updated haircare routine!

I have been trying out quite a few new haircare products recently and I have been getting some comments and questions about my routine so I thought I would update you on my current routine and which products I would recommend! 

I have recently been trying out a new shampoo and conditioner combo from Pureology. This professional brand is specifically designed for coloured hair so I was looking forward to treating my highlighted locks. I went for the Volume range because despite having lots of length my hair lacks volume and being naturally straight I find it lacks texture. I was a little worried about using volumising products because I always find that my hair is left feeling knotty and heavier than usual with minimal results. However I have been pretty impressed with the duo. There is no denying that the shampoo does create a slightly more knotty feel in the hair but the feeling of thickness is instant and when blow drying my hair I can feel and see a significant difference in volume. It takes a little longer to brush through but I am happy to do this if I get the desired results. The conditioner is lovely and soft and feels like a real treatment for the hair. I also purchased a blow dry amplifier from the range which is a clear liquid which I run through the hair (avoiding root area) before blow drying and again it builds volume quickly but without feeling sticky. I only use a tiny pea sized amount as I don't like feeling like I have product residue in my hair! I am enjoying using this shampoo but would like to try some more volumising ranges before settling with this one :)

I have been loving L'oreal mythic oil recently because it is very similar to my beloved Kerastase elixir ultime (which has just about reached the end of its life) but is less expensive and I believe more suitable for all hair types. I bought mine from the wholesalers but it is very affordable online too. I was always sceptical about hair oils because I do suffer from oily roots however they really do improve the quality of my hair and they make brushing through wet hair smoother. I like to use mine from just above mid way down the hair to the ends to avoid any greasy roots.

For creating styles such as curls and waves I have been loving Paul Mitchell Extra Body sculpting foam. This formula is much more appealing to me than mousse I have previously used because it feels less sticky and wet and feels more comfortable in the hair. I find it holds styles well and increases volume quickly. I also love the size of the bottle because this will truly last me a long time! This product is a little harder to get hold of as it is a salon brand however check out local hairdressers and online for stockists.

I'd also like to give a special mention to my Tangle Teezer! This brush really does comb through hair more easily than any other brush I have used and the size and shape is so handy for popping into my handbag! Plus its pink so its gorgeous too ;)

What haircare products are you loving at the moment and what should I try next?


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Organising chaos

I have recently been so busy with work that I have neglected my beauty and makeup products and simply put them into the nearest drawer available so on a recent day off I decided to reorganise my life and try and put some order back into my overwhelming collection! 

I always tell myself to stop buying products and yet the excitement takes over and within 5 minutes I have placed an order and am struck by a guilty but nonetheless happy feeling as I read the words "Your order has been confirmed". My collection of bodycare/skincare/haircare and cosmetics is always growing and yet some products I never even use so I decided to have a clear out of finished or unwanted products and then reorganise the bits I wanted to keep. The majority of my kit is in another room however things like palettes I keep in my room for creating looks for work so most of what you will see is my own personal collection *eek*

Middle drawer: Eyes and lips

On top: Brushes/tools and lip/eye/eyebrow pencils

Top drawer: Face and cheeks

8 drawers in total and still not enough space ;)

I have kept my ikea drawers but simply put new baskets inside to allow me to organise my makeup into sections. My morning routine is now a lot quicker!

I am considering buying some plastic containers from muji to put lipsticks etc in as I think they look really need and that way I can pick them out more easily. I also need to find new ways to store my brushes as they look a little messy and I can't fit them all in! 

How do you store your make up products?