Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Organising chaos

I have recently been so busy with work that I have neglected my beauty and makeup products and simply put them into the nearest drawer available so on a recent day off I decided to reorganise my life and try and put some order back into my overwhelming collection! 

I always tell myself to stop buying products and yet the excitement takes over and within 5 minutes I have placed an order and am struck by a guilty but nonetheless happy feeling as I read the words "Your order has been confirmed". My collection of bodycare/skincare/haircare and cosmetics is always growing and yet some products I never even use so I decided to have a clear out of finished or unwanted products and then reorganise the bits I wanted to keep. The majority of my kit is in another room however things like palettes I keep in my room for creating looks for work so most of what you will see is my own personal collection *eek*

Middle drawer: Eyes and lips

On top: Brushes/tools and lip/eye/eyebrow pencils

Top drawer: Face and cheeks

8 drawers in total and still not enough space ;)

I have kept my ikea drawers but simply put new baskets inside to allow me to organise my makeup into sections. My morning routine is now a lot quicker!

I am considering buying some plastic containers from muji to put lipsticks etc in as I think they look really need and that way I can pick them out more easily. I also need to find new ways to store my brushes as they look a little messy and I can't fit them all in! 

How do you store your make up products?


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  1. I need to organise my beauty products better! I have muji drawers makeup bags and toiletry bags full!
    Beth May Blogs