Saturday, 27 September 2014

Daily Protection with Eve Lom

I have been a skincare junkie for many years now but the one area I didn't consider was sun protection. I have always relied on my foundation to do the job of offering protection often SPF 15. But I recently learnt about the dangers of the sun including the increase in skin cancer and since then having been taking more care of how I protect myself against it. Even though we are distinctly lacking in sunshine at this time of year that does not mean that we should forget about the dangers of UVA/UVB rays. 

Eve Lom Daily Protect SPF 50 is a moisturiser for everyday wear with the benefit of a high SPF. It is oil free yet hydrating and radiant therefore perfect for all skin types. My skin is normal to combination but some SPF moisturisers can feel a little greasy on me but this glides onto the skin and feels incredibly lightweight. I also love the pump format as it means no wasting of product! 

It contains no titanium or zinc so is recommended for everyday use rather than the beach or holiday and because it lacks those ingredients that can often turn the skin chalky it is suitable for all skin tones too. It doesn't leave a more tanned or black skin ashy which is fantastic.

The product protects against both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays which means you are protecting your skin from both instant and long term damage.

I love wearing this product under my makeup everyday now and thankfully it has become routine for me to wear SPF everyday without relying on my foundation. I spend so much time and money on high quality skincare so I should protect it from the biggest ageing factor there is, the sun!

Available at Space NK

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Getting NUDE......

NUDE Skincare has always been on my wish list to try but until very recently I hadn't tried the products. But now that I have discovered the perfect cleansing oil I don't know how I lived without it!

I wear a fair amount of makeup for work (and a lot for going out) and I have always searched for the perfect way to remove makeup, quickly and efficiently. I have used micellar waters for years to remove the first layer or mascara and then a balm cleanser to follow for a deep clean. However despite loving the micellar waters I have still found them time consuming and often not as effective with heavier makeup such as smokey eyes or red lips. I also find that I still need to rub the area which is uncomfortable, particularly around the eyes.

The NUDE perfect cleansing oil is applied to dry skin and eyes, massaged in therefore breaking down the makeup and then rinsed off and it has been a revolution for me. I always used to be afraid of oil, associating it with greasy skin or breakouts but this oil is purifying and hydrating at the same time and left me with no breakouts at all. Also the product does not irritate the eyes at all so I smooth the product over my eyes and massage over the lashes to break down mascara and it is removed and comfortable!

 I love the fact that it comes in pump form so there is no wastage. I need one pump for every day makeup and two for heavier makeup and so this oil is not only fantastic at what it does but economical too. 

The brand describes its products as food for the skin, and my skin certainly feels nourished and satisfied after each use. Have you tried anything from this range?


Back to blogging

It has been a while since I blogged. To be honest I almost fell out of love with blogging for a couple of months and with starting a new job and having a new healthier lifestyle I have found myself unable to make the time to blog.

However today is the today I try to get myself back into it and so stay tuned for some product reviews coming very shortly!

Now that I am blogging again, is there anything you would like to see on my blog?

Hayley x

Thursday, 24 April 2014

My holy grail mascara!

I have tried ALOT of different mascaras but have very rarely repurchased each one as I have been on a constant search for "the one". There are many that have nearly hit the mark including Hourglass Film Noir and Lancome Hypnose Drama but I have never described a mascara as perfect. That was until I tried this beauty and the condition, length, volume and curl of my lashes was improved after one use. 

Chantecaille Faux Cils is by far the most expensive mascara I have ever bought and so it would be my luck that it is in fact the most incredible product I have ever used! At £35 I struggled to realised how a mascara could be worth this amount of money as I tend to spend more on skincare/foundation than I do on other makeup items. However after one day of wearing this mascara I understood why people continued to buy this expensive mascara. 

I have been a false lashes addict for a few years now, with short stubby lashes that never curled or looked voluminous I always reached for the falsies even in the day time to give myself more confidence and make my eyes look more attractive. But after owning this mascara for a month or so I can honestly say that I have worn false lashes perhaps twice in that time, then only at night time because the condition and strength of my lashes has improved vastly. I have never had compliments on my natural lashes but in the last month I have had so many comments on how great my lashes look!

This mascara is packed full of goodness. Rich in mineral salts with red seaweed extract to strengthen lashes and add elasticity this mascara never feels cakey or crispy but adds incredible length and volume. I have had zero fall down or smudging under my eyes either which is a huge factor for me as a working makeup artist. It is water resistant but not waterproof so you don't have to worry about smudging or flaking but it is removed easily with makeup remover. The brush is a classic shape which picks up the perfect amount of product. Chantecaille also do a longest lash version of this mascara which retails for £60 (ouch) but I have seen such fantastic results with this one that I will be sticking with it. The packaging is luxurious to say the least as with all Chantecaille products and it feels like a real treat purchasing this product.

I will continue to repurchase this mascara because it does everything I want in a product and so much more. My lashes have fallen in love with it and so have I.

Available from Space NK


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hourglass Riviera Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick

I finally caved and bought this beautiful orange red liquid lipstick. I had seen other beauty bloggers and makeup artists rave about the pigment and colour but tried to convince myself that I didn't need another orange red. MAC Lady Danger is one of my all time favourite orangey reds but it is very bright and I often find myself saving it for just nights out. Hourglass Riviera has very similar tones but there is something a little less neon and bright about this colour making it much more wearable for day time. I have become a little obsessed with this colour and love to wear a simple coat of mascara, contoured cheeks and a swipe of this on the lips for a statement daytime look.

The texture is liquid like a creamy gloss but pigmented to the extreme. Very little product is needed to coat the lips in opaque colour. The product then dries to an almost matte finish and has fantastic staying power. As with all long lasting products it can become a little too dry and I will suggest use lip balm prior to use just to condition the lips and avoid any cracking however it really does last.

Riviera selfie!

I will definitely be trying more colours from the range as I have been so impressed with the formula and it is so different to anything else I own! Have you tried them and if so what colour shall I get next?

Available from Space NK


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March Empties

I seem to have run out of everything at the same time this month so I thought I would share my empties with you and let you know if I will be repurchasing or not and why! 

Laura Mercier Radiance primer - £29 Space NK

Luckily I currently have two of these so this isn't too painful of a loss however my second tube is dangerously close to finishing too! The fact that I have two anyway tells you just how much I love this product and I will be buying another to replace this empty. I have tried ALOT of primers from budget to high end, dewy to matte, in search of the perfect base for my makeup and have pretty much come to the conclusion that nothing beats this primer in terms of texture, longevity and finish. I have pretty normal skin with some combination aspects and I adore dewy/satin finish skin for myself. I love this primer because it contains just the right amount of pearly glow to brighten dull skin but without any glitter or shimmer particles. It is a warm beige colour with a true luminous finish and looks beautiful worn alone or underneath foundation. Once the foundation is applied you still get the look of being lit from within and the foundation stays perfect all day. I will be trying the radiance bronze version too this summer which has recently launched! 

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde - £15.50 Cult Beauty

It might seem a little dramatic but I was actually devastated when I finished this pencil the other morning. I let out a shriek as I realised it was empty which made me realise just how essential it is in my every day routine. This brow pencil is by far the best brow pencil I have ever used. It is the perfect size for filling in each and every hair, looks completely natural but can be built up for a stronger evening look. The texture is creamy but firm so application is quick and easy and the product lasts all day without touch ups. The fact the pencil has a brush on the other end to comb through the hairs makes it even more handy for on the go and the colour Ash Blonde is the perfect balance between warm and cool to suit blondes! I have tried many brow pencils including MAC and Tom Ford and this is the only one I have continued to repurchase time and time again. I will be re ordering immediately!

Algenist complete eye renewal balm - £48 Space NK

The first of two eye creams that I have finished this month, this luxury balm has been a joy to use. I bought it last year after talking to an Algenist rep in Space Nk and loved the idea of using a balm texture rather than a cream as I often find eye creams too heavy especially if using before makeup. This balm is rich but lightweight and targets fine lines and dark circles. Dark circles are one of my biggest concerns when it comes to my skin and this did go some way to helping with them however the change wasn't big enough to convince me that I NEED to repurchase so I will be trying other eye creams this year. I have my eye on the Colbert MD and Zelens eye cream which are much more pricey but I feel that because my dark circles bother me, eye cream is one of the things I want to invest in so I don't mind spending to find the perfect product for me. However I would highly recommend this eye cream as it has been a pleasure to use every day and the pot has lasted ages! 

Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream - £31 Bobbi Brown

The second of my eye creams I have finished, this was actually a sample size given to me to try but the size was so good that it has taken me a long time to finish it! This is much more of a cream texture, aimed at hydrating the area so especially good for people with drier skins. I personally enjoyed using this cream as it feels instantly hydrating and despite the thicker texture it does sink pretty quickly into the skin. However it just didn't do much for my dark circles and felt a little too heavy under makeup so I will not be purchasing the full size. I usually find the makeup companies don't do skincare quite as well as skin care companies so whilst this is cosmetically pleasing to the eye because it reduces dryness I couldn't see many long term benefits. However if you do suffer with dryness around the eye area you may well enjoy this product. 

Kerastase Mousse Bouffante - £16.60 Feel Unique 

My hair is naturally straight and fine so despite having a lot of hair I struggle to get any volume into it. I bought this mousse as I have always enjoyed using Kerastase products and was keen to try their styling range. I like this mousse because it is not sticky or uncomfortable and smells fantastic however I didn't get the results I was hoping for. It built a little volume however I was hoping for more from this high end brand. I have recently purchased the Oribe grande plumping mousse to try out and after only one use I had fuller hair and the texture and smell are divine. It is much more pricey but the results were instant compared to the Kerastase so I will be sticking to the Oribe from now on!

Soap and Glory mini Scrub em and leave em body buff - £2.50 Boots

Theres no denying that Soap and Glory products are an absolute bargain and smell fantastic so when I saw this mini scrub in Boots I thought I would give it a go. I tend to exfoliate mainly pre tanning or to remove self tan and like my scrubs to really get rid of all dead skin cells but not leave my skin feeling tight or too dry. I really enjoyed using this product and despite being a miniature it did last me a little while and did a good job of removing old self tan from my body. I wasn't as keen on the scent as their Flake Away scrub but it was still fresh and yummy! I am always trying new body scrubs to find the perfect one so will not be purchasing the full size but will definitely grab a couple of the minis for when I go away on short trips or holiday! 

Bobbi Brown extreme party mascara - £19 Bobbi Brown

I was inspired by Jesse Walker, friend and fellow makeup artist/shopaholic to give this mascara a go. I had never tried Bobbi Brown mascaras and she told me that for the volume and length I wanted the extreme party one was the way to go. The first thing I loved about this mascara was the size. It is a fairly small tube and therefore perfect for travel or carrying in my make up bag. I also loved the sleek dark silver packaging. The brush itself is pretty chunky and I would say a classic brush style. I was super impressed with the black pigment in this and the way the volume could be built up with several coats without looking clumpy or feeling crispy. I am always trying new mascaras with Chantecaille Faux Cils being my latest purchase since this mascara finished last week however I would highly recommend the extreme party mascara for guaranteed volume and length in the perfect handy size!

Elemental Herbology Purify and Soothe cleansing balm - £30 Space NK

I enjoy using balm cleansers at night because I feel that they truly break down any grime or makeup to reveal clean yet hydrated skin. I love massaging a balm cleanser onto my skin after using an oil to break down the makeup first and then wiping off the balm using a muslin cloth. I have tried lots of cleansing balms so when I saw the Elemental Herbology balm I knew I had to give it a go. Up until using this the Emma Hardie balm had been my favourite however over Winter this purify and soothe balm became an absolute must have. It is targeted at more dry skins so whilst I am normal to combination most of the year I wanted to try something a little more hydrating for the winter months and this didn't disappoint. I would highly recommend this balm because the smell is wonderful, the texture is balmy yet silky and it leaves no nasty residue behind after removing with a cloth. I will probably try a different cleanser now that Spring/Summer is here however I may well go back to this balm when Winter approaches again!

Please leave any of your suggestions for products I should try next below as I love to try new brands! 


Thursday, 13 March 2014

My favourite MAC blushers

There is no denying it, MAC have some incredible blushers and I'm willing to admit that I own far too many of them! Yes they may look similar but with different tones, textures and finishes there is a valid reason for each of these purchases (or at least thats what I tell myself). I have 6 stand out favourite MAC blushers that I tend to reach for the most in my personal collection. I have an entirely different collection in my working makeup kit which I have in palette form for easy storage.

My top 6:

Rosy Outlook - a pro longwear blusher with great staying power and a rosy pink natural tone
Warm Soul - a mineralise blush with a peachy brown nude tone and specks of shimmer
Poised - a limited edition sadly but a true neutral nude that works perfectly with a red lip!
Supercontinental - another limited edition but a great shimmer peach for summer
Royal Sunset - a limited edition bright yellow toned pink great with a pink lip
Margin - my oldest and most used, a frosted pinky gold perfect for nights out.

(Pictured left to right top to bottom)

Rosy Outlook, Supercontinental, Royal Sunset

Warm Soul, Margin, Poised 

Rosy Outlook is an absolute must have! This true powder pink tone suits light to medium skin tones and lasts all day on the skin. It is a matte finish and therefore contains no shimmer or frost making it flattering for mature skins too.

Warm Soul is my other must have. Because it is a mineral blusher, the shimmer is subtle and sits well on the skin. It blends beautifully and contains a soft peach brown tone which suits most skin tones. This is a favourite with many brides too.

What are your favourite MAC blushers and why?