Saturday, 16 August 2014

Getting NUDE......

NUDE Skincare has always been on my wish list to try but until very recently I hadn't tried the products. But now that I have discovered the perfect cleansing oil I don't know how I lived without it!

I wear a fair amount of makeup for work (and a lot for going out) and I have always searched for the perfect way to remove makeup, quickly and efficiently. I have used micellar waters for years to remove the first layer or mascara and then a balm cleanser to follow for a deep clean. However despite loving the micellar waters I have still found them time consuming and often not as effective with heavier makeup such as smokey eyes or red lips. I also find that I still need to rub the area which is uncomfortable, particularly around the eyes.

The NUDE perfect cleansing oil is applied to dry skin and eyes, massaged in therefore breaking down the makeup and then rinsed off and it has been a revolution for me. I always used to be afraid of oil, associating it with greasy skin or breakouts but this oil is purifying and hydrating at the same time and left me with no breakouts at all. Also the product does not irritate the eyes at all so I smooth the product over my eyes and massage over the lashes to break down mascara and it is removed and comfortable!

 I love the fact that it comes in pump form so there is no wastage. I need one pump for every day makeup and two for heavier makeup and so this oil is not only fantastic at what it does but economical too. 

The brand describes its products as food for the skin, and my skin certainly feels nourished and satisfied after each use. Have you tried anything from this range?


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