Monday, 18 November 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

There is nothing more exciting than looking at Christmas beauty and makeup gifts online (for a beauty addict anyway) and this year I have not been disappointed with the offerings out there! This list is of the products that have really caught my eye and I would love to receive this Christmas day! (Boyfriend: Take Note)

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Yes it is big news on the beauty addict street, Urban Decay are launching yet another neutral palette and yet this is the first one I have truly lusted after. I skipped 1 and 2 purely because I own so many MAC neutrals already but something about this one has caught my eye. The rose gold tones are much more appealing to me, perhaps because they tend to warm up the tone of the skin or because I have green eyes. Either way this palette is definitely on my wish list and may or may not make it into my professional kit ;) Rumoured to be launching December 16th in Debenhams in UK. 

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Ellis Faas

This makeup brand has been on my radar for a while because of its sleek packaging and awesome colour range. The futuristic feel of this brand makes it a definite on my wish list. The silver pens are the perfect handy size and contain any product a makeup addict would need. Mascara, eyeshadows, lipgloss, blushers, foundation, concealer the list goes on! The creamy lips in deep plum wine,  creamy eyes in deep warm taupe and light in holographic bordeaux are some of my favourites i've seen online. The "pens" can also be slotted into their own holder which almost looks space age! An incredibly exciting brand.

Louise Young Cosmetics 

I have been lusting after these brushes for a long time but my brush addiction has been slightly out of control recently so I have resisted buying them. However it wouldn't be the worst thing to open these gorgeous brushes on xmas morning ;) I particularly have my eye on the super foundation brush and the LY24 for gel liner but would love to try any these after hearing rave reviews from fellow makeup artists! The packaging and styling is simple yet luxurious and I love the fact that the brushes are created by a makeup up artist for makeup artists.

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles will always have a place on my wish list because the scents are incredible. The packaging may not be as sleek as some other brands but the fragrances are second to none. Last year  I burned the "Christmas eve" candle which I have now finished so on my wish list this year is "Christmas memories" a new scent for 2013 which has a hint of gingerbread - yum! To be honest I would love to receive any of the Christmas collection but this one has particularly caught my eye. I tend to only burn candles in the Autumn/Winter and Yankee scents always make me feel warm and cosy.

What is on your wish list this year?



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  2. Hi great blog the lay out and text is lovely. Really likes this post. Urban decay is top my wish list too xx

  3. Saw your comment on the Naked 3 blog post and honestly think this palette will suit your skintone and eyes best! <3 xx