Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tan Time!

So as you may well know I am a total fake tan addict. As a naturally fairly pasty individual I am constantly on the hunt for the best fake tan in order to give me a healthy glow so when the people from offered to send me some tanning essentials I couldn't say no ;)

I promptly received a package containing lots of goodies including fake tan mitt, exfoliating mitt, headband and Fake Bake original lotion which is one tan I have never used!

I have heard rave reviews about fake tan original so I was keen to give it a try. What first shocked me about the product was the odd smell, for me it is far too strong so I would only use this for the great colour it gives. The second shock was the very dark guide colour but when washed off it gives a lovely natural golden glow and would be perfect for first time tanners or those of you who prefer a natural look. I am used to using much darker tans so for me this was best after two applications! 

The stand out products for me were the accessories themselves. The tanning mitt feels secure and good quality with a lovely smooth application side. The exfoliation mitt is a must have for all tanners because it removes all traces of old tan without feeling uncomfortable on skin. I simple used my shower gel with the mitt to scrub away the old before putting on the new! The headband is also fantastic for stopping tan from getting into the hair, being blonde I find this especially annoying so this is a neccessity for me! 

The tan land site offers free delivery in the UK which for me is a massive thumbs up and they stock a variety of well known brands including Xen Tan (one of my all times favourites) and tans I am very keen to try such as Makebelieve and He-shi. I will be using up my current collection of tans then placing an order to try these soon :)

What are your favourite tans?


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