Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Thats not me shouting for attention! It is the name of the cosmetics brand I have been trying out the last week or so! The company MeMeMe Cosmetics has been running for a couple of years but I have only heard about the products quite recently. There are so many affordable cosmetic companies on the high street at the moment that it's tough to choose between them, but after hearing great reviews about this brand I decided to give them a go! I received a gorgeous bundle of goodies from MeMeMe, including a highlighter, blusher, lipstick, lipgloss and mascara.

The website and packaging are a kind of Greek Goddess style with floral type detailing which is very appealing. The packaging is simple but pleasing with clear text and a nice feel to the range. I particularly liked the matt black feel of the mascara packaging. The packaging and quality combined are what has led me to my two stand out products from the bundle I received. 
Firstly the blush, in shade coral, has compact packaging including a small brush for application and a mirror hidden in the top of the lid. This mirror is a great idea for girls applying make up on the go and the brush is a handy addition, although I would probably have my blusher brush with me too as I am not over keen on the shape of the brush inside. However it is the pigment and staying power of the product on the cheek which impressed me most. The colour is a true coral colour with no shimmer giving a beautiful light pop of colour to the cheek. It would look gorgeous on sun kissed skin in the summer but also looked great when I paired it with black eyeliner and berry lips with my winter coat this week :) 

MeMeMe Blush me! Blush box in Coral - £8.50

The other stand out product for me was the Light me up Lipgloss in shade 8 Shimmer, a deep berry red colour. Again the pay off was excellent and the colour is stunning. I am becoming more and more adventurous with my lip colours and was lacking a berry tone for this season and so this was a great addition to my current pink and nude collection of shades. It is the packaging that takes this product to a whole new level of exciting! The name of the gloss gives away its extra special element! The wand lights up as you pull it out to apply and the wand has a mirror on the side, therefore you can apply on the go AND in the dark! This product is the ultimate clubbing girl's must have because it allows you to check and top up your lip colour in a taxi ride or on the dance floor! Even my dad said "that is genius" when he saw it which coming from a man who has no interest in the world of beauty is a pretty strong statement! A real must have in my opinion.

Light me up Lipgloss in shade 8 Shimmer - £6.99 

Overall I am impressed by this brand! I like the packaging, enjoyed using all of the products and would definitely repurchase some items. The brand is also affordable which means I don't feel so guilty about loving it! The blusher is very similar to the Benefit blusher boxes which retail at £23.50 and comes with a very similar brush but this cheaper version includes a mirror and from what I can see it is just as good as it's expensive competitor. If you are on a budget but don't want to compromise quality, it is worth checking out the MeMeMe Cosmetics brand, if only for the light up gloss ;)

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  1. Ive been eying these up for months as the packaging looks gorgeous. may have to take the plunge now. the box powders especially as i always thought they were copying benefit and hterefore woud be cheap, but i must admit they look lovely. so thansk for the review