Friday, 14 October 2011

St Moriz - tanning on a budget

On my quest to find the perfect self tan, I was recommended St Moriz by a couple of friends and when I saw the price of £2.99 for a large bottle of mousse there was no excuse not to give it a go! I purchased the dark mousse version from and it was delivered only a couple of days later so I would highly recommend purchasing this way. The St Moriz range also contains a medium mousse as well as lotion formulas and tanning mitts. For only £2.99 I received 200ml of dark mousse product and because of this incredibly low price I was expecting a wearable but not brilliant colour. But once again I found that affordable does not mean a compromise on quality.

Packaging - The style of the bottle is similar to other fake tan brands, with simple branding and a pump disposal system. This allows the perfect amount of product for each area, for example one pump for each arm or leg.

Texture - The mousse is quite light in texture and foamy which allows it to glide onto the skin. It does dry very fast upon application though so it is important to work quickly to get the product rubbed into the skin to avoid streaking. The mousse feels slightly sticky on the skin but dries fairly quickly and so it is not an unpleasant experience.

Smell - The tan is not strong fragranced however there is a slight biscuit smell as with many other tans. However when washed off it is hard to detect and certainly is not off putting. I always follow with a moisturiser the next day anyway and so the smell is covered by my favourite lotion fragrance.

Colour - The colour is indeed very dark and if you are new to tanning or very fair I would suggest trying the medium mousse first. However, as a tanning addict, I am always looking for a deep colour as I spend a lot of time bathing, exfoliating and moisturising to achieve a good colour and so I like to go all out if i am putting that much time and effort into preparation! The colour guide is very dark upon application and deepens to a deep tan overnight but after washing off, an olive colour remains on the skin.

The colour was not as dark as I had expected however I applied another coat of tan the next evening and was left with my perfect shade. The colour was surprisingly good for such an inexpensive tan. It was olive based and therefore natural looking. I am used to spending from £15-£25 on a self tan and therefore this is a much more affordable option! I will of course be repurchasing this product purely because of the great price and good outcome however I cannot go without my Xen-tan or famous dave's purely because  of the incredible colour of both.
 I would personally buy the Xen-tan for a good base coat tan to use when I have time to apply the lotion, the famous dave's tan for when I want to use a moisturising, paraben free, quick mousse with great colour finish and St Moriz for quick top up tanning or perhaps to enhance a natural tan during and after holidays. Either way, this product is worth trying and delivers impressive results!

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