Monday, 17 October 2011

"Lather, rinse, repeat" - my haircare routine

I think it is time for a bit of haircare don't you? Firstly hello to all my new followers, it makes me very happy to see your faces pop up on my blog homepage :) So lets get down to business........
I am not ashamed to say that I am willing to spend a fair amount of time and money on my hair, purely because I believe that hair can make or break a look and when I take a lot of care to do my makeup and look after my skin it only seems right to apply the same rules to my mane! At the moment I have a couple of hair routines depending on the finished look I desire e.g. straight, curly or natural hair. I use the same shampoo and conditioner each time, but have found styling products which work perfectly for each look.

Tigi Bedhead Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner duo -
£21.50 with free delivery

This giant duo are my go to shampoo and conditioner. I have repurchased these a few times because they smell great, leave my hair in amazing condition and because of the size they last me a long time. Being 750ml each, they are obviously not the perfect travel companion but I tend to buy small travel sizes anyway for holidays or weekends away. I have these in my shower all the time and the products are only now coming to an end after months and months of use. Tigi is a professional brand used in many salons and therefore more expensive than pharmacy or supermarket brands however you can get some great deals online including duo packs or gift sets. 

L-R: Tigi S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer 200ml - £13.50
L'Oreal Professionnel Techni.Art extra full volume mousse - £8.45
Tigi Rockaholic Born To Rock Leave in Detangler - £5.50

There are so many styling products on the market at the moment that it can be hard to pick the perfect product for your personal hair needs. I have found these to be great for my fine, coloured hair however those with curly, dry or unruly hair may find other products more moisturising or controlling. I like to use the Tigi smoothing lusterizer for when I am wearing my hair straight. I apply the product to damp hair and it is immediately easier to brush through and when I use my GHD's to straighten when the hair is dry, it feels silky, soft and looks shiny. A great product for those who suffer from knotty hair or flyaways and frizz.
I use the L'Oreal mousse when curling or waving my hair using either GHD's or curling tongs as it creates the perfect amount of volume for my usually fine and fairly limp hair. I often curly my hair for evenings out and have previously found the style losing volume during the course of the night however this mousse really helps the height and style to stick around longer and now that I have tried it I couldn't curl my hair without a mousse that thickens like this one.
The last product in the photo, the Tigi detangler, has been in my bathroom for over a year and I still have so much product left in the bottle! I spritz it into my damp hair, and allow it to do its job whilst I continue to get ready. After a few minutes I find it easy to brush through my hair and like all of the Tigi products, it smells fantastic. This product is great if you want to leave your hair to dry naturally as well as before using styling tools. I use this product the most as it detangles, defrizzes, has a great smell and most of all it leaves my hair in perfect condition.
I always finish a curled hairstyle with hairspray such as Tresemme Firm hold which, as promised, holds the style all day and all night.

So that was my current haircare favourites but as any beauty addict knows the list is always growing longer!
 I am also interested in trying a new shampoo and conditioner for the coming winter months and would love to hear your suggestions for my fine, coloured hair........


  1. Loving that you are a bloggy friend too now!!! Hope it is going well.

  2. hehe! thanks peony! yes all going well thanks, i love your blog :) x

  3. Great post - I might have to invest in some of that detangler as my hair is so knotty and I always ended up yanking half my hair out with the brush :(


  4. yes vicki its definitely worth it and a total bargain on amazon :) i just joined your blog its fab! i love the this and that tag idea! x