Monday, 3 October 2011

The infamous "Famous Dave"

 Here we go again with my second self tan blog post. The weather has been unusually gorgeous these last few weeks but that doesn't mean that I don't reach for my fake tan! Whether you are stuck at work, cautious about sun damage or just a sucker for a deep tanned faux glow, self tan is the answer to combatting pale bodies! As I have previously mentioned I am a huge fan of Xen tan products, but that doesn't mean that I am not still searching for great tans. A recent discovery I made was Famous Dave's tanning products and I am already a fan after just a few applications.

I heard about this product on the beauty grapevine, with many beauty editors and magazines claiming it was the new self tan to try with its natural colour, easy application and lack of biscuit smell. The product most raved about being the Famous Dave's tanning mousse gold edition. On the brands website, I found a Gold edition self tanning gift set containing full size mousse, tanning mitt and exfoliating body buffer. I decided to go for the set to give the entire brand a chance and experience a few products at once. Not to mention that at £36.99 it was better value than buying mousse and scrub alone.

The packaging is simple and not particularly exciting as with most self tans but its whats inside that counts! So lets start with the body buffer, an effective natural exfoliant containing small ground walnut husks within a gel like texture which feels like its working to remove dead skin cells but does not feel as harsh as some of the sugar based scrubs which can sometimes leave the skin a little red and sore. It worked well to create a good base for the self tan and was also good at keeping the tan for longer. I used it a few days after application and it prevented any collection in body areas such as knees and elbows and kept the tan going till the end of the week and sometimes longer. The only issue I had was when removing the tan completely in order to start again, the scrub wasn't quite strong enough and therefore I used a body scrubbing mitt alongside the product or one of my sugar scrubs to completely remove the old tan. I would recommend the scrub for preparation, holding onto the tan but not necessarily removal of the tan.

Now onto the tan itself. I am used to the lotion texture of Xen tan dark lotion and so using a mousse was a little strange at first. The texture is lighter and it dries much quicker which meant I found myself working quickly in application and blending of the tan. I completed my full body in minutes and was dry soon after so this tan is perfect for applying just before bed or even in the morning or before a special event however as with all tans I would recommend applying in the evening, sleeping in it and then washing off in the morning to let the tan work onto the skin and to achieve the perfect colour.

This is the colour I was left with the next morning. I was really impressed with the bronze colour of this tan. The tone is very similar to the Xen tan dark lotion which automatically put this tan up there with my current favourite. The only difference I can find between the two is the texture and ease of application. I have to admit that using a mousse is much quicker for both application and drying time. Lotions are a little more moisturising and so if you do choose to use a mousse you may find yourself having to moisturise a little more often. However this gold edition is definitely a more impressive mousse than others, containing natural anti-oxidents,moisturisers and even anti-ageing ingredients. It also includes pomegranate extract and ensures that you are not left with that tell-tale fake tan smell. Bonus! The tanning mitt was very good too with a good texture to the mitt and allowed smooth and fuss free application.

In conclusion I would definitely repurchase this product. It is a great colour, quick drying, little to no smell and contains natural ingredients. I would use this on days I had less time to self tan whereas Xen tan dark lotion will be kept for nights I have time to slather on the lotion and wait for it to dry. A great product from Famous Dave's. Dave, whoever you are, I salute you!

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