Sunday, 30 October 2011

I love "I love my muff"!

Yes you did read that right! I recently received a lovely little parcel from the folks at, a spa and beauty store based in Notting Hill which stocks this premium feminine care range. I love my muff products are vegan, cruelty free, free of parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances and handmade in Canada. The brand has been developed to provide mild and luxurious care for your special area :) I was very excited when I first saw the kit not only because of the great brand name but the packaging and style of the products was simple, clean and in my opinion a perfect reflection of a luxurious but affordable feminine care range.

I love my muff kit blue - £28

The great slogan on the back of the kit! And an explanation of the products inside

The kit comes in blue or green, both with different fragrances. The blue scent is a blend of lavender, clary sage and patchouli which is refreshing and light, great for us contains a wash, lotion, spray and set of travel wipes. All of the products are perfect for travel in compact sizes. The wash itself doesn't lather too much but leaves you with a lovely clean feeling. It is enjoyable using a product which has been created specifically for this area because many shower gels can cause discomfort. The lotion is soft and of a nice consistency and therefore soaks nicely into the area. The spray is light and refreshing and again great for travel or a quick spritz in warmer weather. The wipes are again a perfect travel companion and I could imagine these being fantastic for festivals or camping trips where you want get that extra clean feeling! 

I think these products are a fantastic idea. I have never come across a premium feminine care before, and the luxurious smell and texture of the products do make them feel special. The products can be bought separately however I see this range as a gift idea, great for buying for your sisters or friends who have a sense of humour but who want to take care of every part of their body. We spend so much money on our hair, skin, make up, it makes sense that we should also take care of our most intimate parts! So give this range a try and be proud to say "I love my muff"!

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