Monday, 10 October 2011

MUA - Making Make Up Affordable

This month Superdrug launched an exclusive make up range called MUA- Make Up Academy and after reading rave reviews from my favourite beauty gurus I decided it was time to try it out. I received a collection of goodies from MUA which included a lipstick, lipgloss and two eyeshadow sets. The packaging is simple and effective but it is the colours which provide the excitement with this brand.

L-R Extreme Metallics eyeshadows in Starstruck, Trio eyeshadow in Eden, Lipstick in shade 9, Lipgloss in shade 5

So let me tell you a bit more about this brand and then my review on each product. The range contains over 100 products including lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, blusher, bronzer, eyeshadow and nail varnish and every item costs only £1. Yes thats right, £1! Being a total makeup junkie I am used to spending £20-£30 per product on myself so this fact astounded me. But it also left me feeling a little unsure about the quality of the products as I have often come across bargain make up which doesn't deliver in terms of colour or pigment. So could a product that costs only £1 possibly compare to a high end brand? Here are my thoughts on each product :)

Left: Extreme Metallics 4 shades 
Right: Trio 3 shades

Extreme Metallics eyeshadow in Starstruck- This collection of 4 eyeshadows is very appealing to the eye. The colours are vivid and combine the brights of green and pink with the neutrals of gold and brown. A good product for those who like to use natural colours for the day but then try something different at night. These colours could be used alone with a flick of black eyeliners or combined to create a soft smokey eye. The texture is frosted and therefore those who like their matte eyeshadows should steer clear as the effect is quite shimmery. The compact is indeed very compact and perfect for travel and changing a look in an instant. I am slightly concerned that the colours could blend into each other after a few uses because of the set up of strips of colour however if taken care of this should not occur. If you love metallics and vivid colour, with 4 colours for £1, you can't go wrong with this product!

Trio eyeshadow in Eden- This compact contains three co ordinating shades, which would ideally be used together to create a complete eye look. The name Eden perfectly describes the colours, which immediately made me think of nature and being outdoors. The green tones are suitable for spring/ summer in particular. The shades are again frosted so they really catch the light when worn, great for day or evening looks. I personally shy away from green shadow colours however these are very wearable and I would use them with a dust of bronzer and a pinky nude lip. The best thing about this compact is that on the back of the product, the customer is given a small tutorial on where to use each colour to create a smokey/defined eye look. Many make up addicts may not need this information but for young girls new to using make up this is a real bonus as it teaches how to use colours together, something which many women struggle with. It also includes a small sponge applicator for use on the go. I also prefer the layout of the trio with separate circles of eyeshadow and a good amount of product.

Lipstick in shade 9

Lipstick- I was pleasantly surprised with the texture and colour of the lipstick. I adore MAC lipsticks and more recently Topshop make up and so I am always skeptical about cheaper brand lip products. But as you can see from the photo above the lip colour is rich and sits beautifully on the skin. The texture was soft and glided onto the lips. I usually opt for pink, nude or coral tones of lipsticks and so this berry brown shade was a real change for me. But I have enjoyed wearing it! Especially with the weather getting colder, this shade is perfect for Autumn, and I have combined it with neutral eye shades and a pop of blusher for a classic look. I will definitely purchase some more colours to play with because they are well pigmented yet affordable.

Lipgloss- The lip gloss I received was in shade 5, a bright pink shade with flecks of gold. This colour is exactly the colour I would choose for myself and so I must admit I have worn this product the most. The colour is a vivid pink, but looks almost natural on the lips with a hint of gold shimmer with instantly plumps the look of the lips. The gloss is in a handy tube and is perfect for popping into my handbag and applying throughout the day. I have also used this on top of the lipstick which creates a beautiful pink berry colour and I would use this gloss over many of my lipstick colours to create a shimmery finish. The texture is not sticky or uncomfortable plus it tastes delicious! I think I will be buying this colour again and again because it is the perfect pink.

Overall I am very impressed with this brand. I did not expect this kind of quality from such a low price. It is worth trying it because of the £1 price, but also because the range of colours available are a real invitation to try out new colours and become a little more creative with your make up wardrobe!

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