Monday, 31 October 2011

Barely there mineral make up

I am always interested in finding new foundations, purely because I strongly believe that a good base is vital to creating the perfect make up look. Just like preparing a canvas for painting, a good foundation is necessary to create that flawless base reading for adding products to. I am a liquid foundation kind of girl so when the lovely folks at Bare Minerals sent me some of their original mineral foundation I was nervous but excited! The customer service was excellent and Anna made sure that I received the correct foundation colour to test out. I chose light because without my summer tan or layers of self tan I have a light complexion with yellow undertones. These are the goodies I found in my parcel......

Bare Escentuals brochure, Bare minerals original SPF 15 foundation in Light, Full flawless application brush

My first impressions were fantastic. The brochure is a gorgeous vibrant pink with beautiful design and detailed information of every product inside. I wasn't expecting to receive a brush for application so this was a bonus, particularly because as I tried the product, the brush worked perfectly with the foundation to create the base. The foundation was the perfect colour for my natural skin tone and although in the pot it looked a lot lighter, the minerals seem to almost adapt to your own skin tone upon application. I immediately noticed how light in texture the product was. When you look at the product it reminds you of a heavy powder, but because the minerals are so finely milled it feels nothing like this when you are wearing it. A few hours into the day I actually forgot I was wearing foundation and nearly went to put some liquid on! The texture feels like a light cream and certainly creates as luminous glow as it promises to. The formula is also available in Matte for girls with oily skin or who prefer a completely matte finish however the original is certainly not shiny and if you like a slight dewy natural finish to the skin I would recommend sticking with the original. The instructions in the lid explain how easy application is with three easy steps, swirl, tap and buff, to collect the perfect amount of product onto the brush, tapping off excess and buffing into the skin in circular motions to create a flawless finish.

It is not a cheap product at £23.00 for 8g of foundation and £24.00 for the brush however the small amount of product needed each time and the quality of the foundation and brush mean that both products will last a long time and provide effective results. I will definitely be using this foundation when summer comes around again next year but as it stands in this cold weather I just cannot live without my liquid foundations! This does not mean that I wont be using it at all. For work and days at home I will certainly be using this product all year round because it does create a good coverage and is perfect for natural day looks. However for events of evenings out I still feel a little naked without slightly heavier coverage but I am slowly weaning myself off full coverage liquids! I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't like liquid or heavy foundations but wants more coverage than a tinted moisturiser, for mature women who want to conceal fine lines but maintain a natural dewy finish to the skin or just for ladies who want to use products which benefit their skin instead of clogging their pores. 
The company claim that the make up is so pure you can sleep in it which is pretty impressive and tells you just how natural the ingredients are. This mineral make up has impressed me and I look forward to getting down to the Bare Escentuals with more of their products soon.

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