Friday, 28 October 2011

Eyeko goodies!

So I decided to purchase the new Eyeko mascara after the brand had a complete makeover including packaging and products. I have always been interested in the brand because of their tube mascaras and I love the new style of the range so I was excited when I received a bundle of goodies in the post :)

Eyeko Curvy brush mascara, two Eyeko Shields, Eyeko Chi Chi Polish

I only bought a curvy brush mascara so imagine my surprise when I opened my parcel and found two Eyeko shields and a nail polish! The mascara's come in three styles, skinny brush, fat brush and curvy brush. One of my favourite high end mascaras is Dior Extase which has a curvy style brush and I enjoy using these type of brushes because they seem to get to every lash including bottom lashes and create a lot of length and curl to the lashes so this was the choice for me! 

Eyeko Curvy brush mascara - £15

So lets start with the mascara itself. I love the packaging and tube is lightweight making this mascara perfect for carrying in my handbag or taking on holiday. The tube also allows the user to get every last bit of product out so I really feel like I will get my moneys worth with this mascara. The brush is perfect for lengthening and lash separation and the shape allowed me to get to the root of the lashes. I didn't get the volume I was hoping for but for the daytime this mascara is great. For evenings out I would have to stick with one of my false lash effect mascaras such as Lancome Hypnose drama where the lash volume is more extreme. The formula is quite wet which is a change for me as I often seem to pick slightly drier mascaras so I had to be aware of this just after applying in case I made a mess all over my eyelid! But the Eyeko shield also helps with this problem....... 
I received two shields in my parcel and was a little unsure what they were at first. They look like guitar plectrums but I assumed that as they were attached to a mascara this may not be their purpose! But on the back of the mascara packaging, their handy purpose is revealed! They can be held on the eyelid almost behind the lashes so that as you apply the mascara, any excess that would be deposited on the eye area is left on the shield instead therefore "shielding" your eyes from unwanted mascara blobs which can be a nightmare to remove. Great idea!

(Quick tip: If you do get mascara anywhere on your face, wait till the blob of product dries and finish the rest of your makeup before using a sharp ended cotton bud to twist it off the skin. It will come straight off without leaving a mark. Trying to remove it while its wet will let to dark streaks and may end up ruining any face makeup you have already completed)

The polish was also a welcome surprise as I have made no secret of my love for all things pink and glittery! This product is perfect for girly girls and if not give it to your friend as a treat. It was a freebie so I can't complain about the polish! I might upload a photo of the nail colour on my hands soon......
Overall I am pleased with the Eyeko style, packaging and products. I like the mascara for daytime use however I can't see myself rushing out to buy another one soon as £15 is quite expensive for a "nice" mascara when many more affordable brands are bringing out products which may perform the same job. My hunt for the perfect mascara continues but I have found an impressive brand with great customer service in Eyeko.

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  1. I've never tried eyeko before, that polish looks really pretty! xxxx