Friday, 30 September 2011

Liz Earle- skincare to makeup

I have discussed my love for Liz Earle skincare in previous blog posts and that I have been using the range for years and love the effect it has on my skin. So imagine my excitement when I found out that Liz Earle are making the transition into make up. My two favourite things were finally combining and I had high hopes for the first product released, Sheer Skin Tint SPF15. I knew the quality would be high because of my experience with the brand but I wasn't as sure if a company which excels in natural skincare could create a product which could compete with the high standard of tinted moisturisers on the market at the moment. Laura Mercier in particular have a wonderful product and Clinique have recently brought out their own version of a moisturising product with light coverage.

I thought I would have to ask for a sample or try the product in store until I received my Autumn newsletter from Liz Earle which contained a packet of all three Skin Tint shades available. Hooray!

The three shades available are: Bare 01-pale, fair complexions, Beige 02- medium, most Caucasian complexions, Beach 03- olive toned, Asian complexions.

I decided to try Beige as I am slightly tanned but not olive skinned and it was perfect. At first I wasn't sure if this selection would be a wide enough range however the colour almost seems to match to your own skin and so if it seems a little light/dark at first really blend the product into the skin. The colour should disappear into your own skin tone. I used my fingers because the texture is creamy and feels a lot like a moisturiser therefore it felt natural to dot the product onto nose, forehead, cheeks and chin and rub in using my fingertips. The coverage was more than I expected which I was pleased with. I am a foundation girl through and through and I often feel bare with just a tinted moisturiser on, especially in winter months but I would be happy to wear this skin tint in summer months with a bit of concealer and bronzer. This is a photo of my skin wearing the Skin Tint, concealer, bronzer and blusher on the cheeks.

I was impressed with the finish it left on my skin. I felt I had enough coverage for day time and would definitely use this product during the summer and on holiday. It has SPF15 which is always a bonus with face products, especially because the Liz Earle moisturiser I am currently using does not contain an SPF. Did I mention that the Skin Tint also contains natural ingredients such as avocado oil and borage oil and vitamin e to keep the skin smooth and protect against pollutants and sun damage.

Liz Earle have also thought about customer care with this make up launch and you can order samples of the colours to try at home or if you order a full size you also receive the samples so that if you find that you have ordered the wrong colour you can simply call customer services and they will swap the colours for you. So there is no excuse not to try this lovely product! If you find the coverage and feel of foundation too heavy this really is the perfect balance of moisturiser and colour. I will be wearing medium to full coverage foundations as we head into winter months however next time I book a beach holiday or as Spring approaches next year I will definitely be investing in this product. I also hope that by then there will be a few more additions to the Liz Earle make up line..........

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