Monday, 12 September 2011

MAC Sized To Go - holiday essentials

So i have been away for a week in Portugal and got back home on Saturday! I have definitely got the holiday blues sitting at home instead of a gorgeous beach in the sun........ :( So I thought a blog post of my holiday essentials would cheer me up and I wanted to share my cute travel MAC products with you!

I am a sucker for miniature versions of products because they are handy, compact and of course adorable! So whilst I was browsing the MAC counter at Selfridges, London the week before my holiday I could not ignore the travel size MAC products sitting near the till and of course I had to investigate. I had seen the "Sized To Go" collection online but I hadn't paid much attention and couldn't think of a situation where I would want to buy miniatures however that was before I booked my holiday and before I had come to the realisation that I had far too many toiletries for a week's holiday and so any space I could save was worth it.

The products I decided to purchase were:

Strobe Cream
Fix +
Pro Eye Makeup Remover

The collection also includes cleansing oils, oil free lotion and green gel cleanser but I already had my Liz Earle travel collection so my skincare routine was sorted :)

Here is a bit of info about the three products and how I used them on my holiday:

Strobe Cream - A skin highlighter with iridescent particles to enhance the skins appearance. A lovely texture with vitamins to improve the look and feel of the skin. I used the cream mixed in with my foundation or tinted moisturiser to give my skin an all over dewy glow appearance or as a highlighter on cheekbones,under the brow bone, on top of the lip, to bring out these area and therefore highlight to create more definition to the face.

Fix + - An aqua spritz infused with vitamins and minerals to energize the skin and to set make up. A soft feel with a fresh scent which sinks into the skin. I used this before and after applying make up to boost the staying power in the hot climate. I also used it during the day to cool the skin. The size means that it is a great carry on for airplanes to freshen up during a flight.

Pro Eye Makeup Remover - An effective remover which can lift off strong eye make up including waterproof and transfer resistant products. It contains cucumber extract to soothe the eye area and no rinsing is required and therefore make up can be applied straight after use. I used this product because I wore waterproof mascara most of the time, swimming and at night to prevent fall out or my make up slipping off my face in the heat! I am a huge fan of Bobbi Brown gel liner which has a long-wear formula and this remover worked great at removing this too without the need for rubbing.

Overall I was very pleased with the results of these 3 products as it was my first time using all of them. I would recommend them for holiday but also to try them out and see how well they work for you instead of buying the full size product and being disappointed. The strobe cream and fix+ will last a long time because of the small amount of product used each time and so I think that the miniatures are a great buy however the eye make up remover as you may see in the photo is almost empty after a weeks use because of the amount needed to saturate a cotton pad and remove evening eye make up and therefore I would purchase the full size product if I decide to repurchase. I think MAC have done good with the "Sized To Go" collection. Many of their compact palettes and lip gloss sets are great for taking on holiday and so it makes sense that their skincare products should be just as handy. Plus did I mention how cute miniatures are? ;) 


  1. Aaaaah, thank you so much for the description of the strobe cream... I've been so intrigued and didn't really get what strobe cream was for :) xx

  2. hehe no problem Laura, i never really understood it before! but i couldn't live without it now, so subtle but pretty :)


  3. Mac fix + mini I needddd this:)