Wednesday, 28 September 2011

There's a Storm Palette brewing!

Sleek make up is the new kid on the budget make up block and I've heard rave review from Youtube gurus and friends so I knew I had to try the brand out for myself. The brand contains everything from foundation to eyeshadow, from lipgloss to bronzer but the most raved about products seem to be the eyeshadow palettes. Not only do they contain some amazing colours but at a price of around £6 they are far more affordable than my beloved MAC eyeshadow colours. So I went to my local Superdrug store and after spending a while browsing the make up selection I decided to go for the Storm i-divine palette.....

Storm i-divine palette - £6.49 

What first excited me about this palette was the great packaging. Simple but elegant, very slim and compact and as the name would suggest, sleek! I wouldn't guess that a product with such elegant packaging would cost under £7 but the true test was yet to come. Were the colours as vibrant as they looked and would the pay off be anywhere as good as my more pricey shadows?

In a word- yes! I loved the colours in the store, the combination of neturals and dark shades, frosted and matte made this palette immediately appealing to me. The palette is perfect for day and night looks and great for carrying to work if I had to do a quick day to night transformation. My only concern was how well the colour would come out when applied and how the texture of the shadows would work during application and blending. The palette contains a two ended brush with my least favourite applicator, the sponge. I much prefer using my own brushes with these palettes although the sponge applicator is not bad and some people may prefer to use it. The mirror in the palette is huge and incredibly useful for application on the go. I truly love my Chanel quad palette but its tiny mirror just cannot compete with this one! 
I played around with the frosted nudes and browns to create a frosted day look and applied black gel liner to create a shimmery but not too dramatic look. The dark shades are also great with a gorgeous green and purple, perfect for evening looks and I will be using these this weekend when I go out to party in London! I will try to upload a look using this palette to my blog soon :) 

I am usually one to go straight for MAC or Chanel eyeshadows, because of the brand and because I know how well they work however my eyes have definitely been opened to the power of the drugstore make up brands. At only £6.49 I have now got a palette which combines my favourite colours and textures, can be used alone or blended for smokey eyes, and has a perfect mirror for precise application. The only thing I need now is the rest of the palettes available from this affordable but impressive brand.

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