Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Burberry Body for Women - new fragrance for 2011

I am always excited when I hear about a new fragrance launch especially from a high end brand such as Burberry and being a fan of their Facebook page I got the chance to try a free sample of their new perfume, Burberry Body for Women.

 I was sent a compact but good sized sample in the post with a postcard. The face of the perfume, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, gave me the impression that the scent would be young, fresh but sexy at the same time. However I was a little surprised when I applied the perfume and took my first smell of it......

The website says that the scent notes are:
Peach, Iris, Freesia, Rose and Green Absinthe 

I was not too sure what to expect from Green Absinthe in a perfume! But I knew from the other ingredients that the scent would be mainly floral with a hint of fresh fruit which slightly concerned me as I don't usually go for floral scents (with the exception of the sweet Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb mentioned in previous post). I was expecting quite a light floral scent, perhaps suitable for day time or a lunch date however I found the scent quite strong, even after a few hours of wear on the skin. I also felt that the scent was a lot more mature than I had expected. The use of the young Rosie as the face of the perfume implied that the scent would suit the younger woman however I found it to be more suited to an older woman, perhaps business like and more suitable to a dinner date or drinks at a swanky bar.

Don't get me wrong, it does smell high end and I cant fault the packaging, however I believe it is just not for me. I have trouble placing which situation I would use the perfume for as I believe it sits somewhere between daytime and evening, perhaps out for dinner with friends. I would consider buying this perfume for my mum for her birthday or for a slightly older friend as the smell is very appealing and it does last well on the skin for many hours. However I personally feel that it does not carry any scent notes which make it stand out from the crowd of hundreds of fragrances which are available on the market.

Have you tried this perfume or any new fragrances? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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