Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bright lips!

You will often find me browsing in Topshop Oxford Circus because it is full of my favourite things! Clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and now makeup! Topshop launched their own makeup range last year and I can't believe its taken me this long to try it out! I decided to try out their lipsticks because the colours are vibrant and I need some sunshine in my life considering we are quickly heading towards Autumn. A little too quickly for my liking....... So lets take a look at the two colours I chose!

Topshop lipsticks - £8 each

I intended on buying just one but of course my excitement took over and I just could not decide which colour I preferred so here they are. Confession is a bright coral pink and Innocent is a pale purple toned pink, both very different in colour but with the same velvet soft feel and matte finish. Being a MAC lipstick kinda gal I was initially concerned that the pigment and pay off of the colour would not be good enough because I usually find that lipsticks in this price range just don't cut it compared to the high end products. However taking my first look at the colours I was immediately looking forward to using them......

The bright colours are a little scary for a girl who loves her nude/pink lipsticks and glosses and I wondered if I would ever wear them but the vibrance of the colours inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and give them a go. The black and white packaging is simple but suits the Topshop brand and doesn't distract from the great colour range available. 

Top: Innocent
Bottom: Confession

In this photo you can clearly see how well pigmented the lip colours are. I adore both the shades and they look great after a fake tan or on holiday. I will wear the lips with a flawless skin, simple black flicked eyeliner and a hint of bronzer on the cheeks and temples. However I am looking forward to wearing them in the winter months too in the party season in particular. Just because the colours are bright and remind me of summer holidays, they would look great with a paler complexion, rosy cheeks and a fur coat! Now that I have invested in these colours I feel more confident wearing brighter lip colour and natural eyes compared to my usual smokey eyes and nude lips. Its worth investing in a few of these colours, even if its just to play with various looks on yourself and you might be surprised how much confidence you gain going a little brighter on your lips :)

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