Monday, 22 August 2011

Summer Scents

So this summer I have tried and bought some gorgeous perfumes and thought I would share my favourites with you! I love trying new scents and finding a new signature scent every season but I never stick to just one as there are far too many lovely options available. I usually buy my perfumes at duty free before or after my holidays or receive them for my birthday/christmas as gifts. With designers constantly bringing out new fragrances I am constantly changing my mind on what my ultimate favourite is but over the past few months I have been using 4 of my current top scents. I find it quite difficult to define and describe scents so I will tell you what I believe it smells like and what occasion I like to use each one for!

So lets start with my everyday go to scent:

Hugo Boss Orange Woman £35

I think that this fragrance is perfect for easy everyday wear. This is the scent I will go for if i'm getting ready for work or a day out shopping or going out for lunch with the boyfriend. It smells woody but slightly sweet with a hint of floral and so it is not at all overpowering. It settles nicely into the skin which means that from the moment you spray it on, it immediately smells perfectly balanced. The scent is suitable for all ages, in fact I bought this fragrance after loving the scent on my mum. I think it is a great price considering you only need a small amount to get the full effect of the scent and the bottle is a great shape and looks gorgeous on my dressing table. The orange colour of the bottle makes it feel even more summery and appropriate for sunny days!

Now onto something a little sweeter......

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb £51

This is probably my favourite bottle and name of my perfumes because I love the concept. The scent is of course floral as the name would suggest and is very sweet and feminine. This fragrance is perfect if you like your scents girly and flirty and is perfect for summer evenings. I usually like to wear this scent at night for drinks with friends or going out for dinner because despite being a sweet scent it is heavier than my others and is a little too strong for daytime in my opinion. The bottle is in the shape of a grenade hence the name flowerbomb and this is certainly the sensation you feel when wearing the scent, as if a cloud of flowers exploded onto your skin (but in a nice way)! I would recommend this for young women as many older women I know find the scent a little too sickly sweet however it is worth trying out as my mum decided to purchase this after smelling it on me. This perfume is more expensive and therefore I would probably ask for this as a present rather than re purchasing myself and because of the higher price tag I would recommend trying before you buy because you may not love it like I do!

Next is a classic favourite and its floral younger sister.......

Top: Chloe EDP Rose edition (Limited Edition) £52
Bottom: Chloe EDP (Original) £52

My first of the two was the original which I received as a birthday gift last year after smelling it at duty free and falling in love with it! I would describe the Chloe EDP as classic, elegant and feminine. It is floral and girly but not very sweet. I like to wear it for pretty much any occasion! It is soft enough for daytime, chic enough for evenings and summery enough for holidays. The bottle is a lovely classic shape with bow detail and looks simple and elegant on my table.
The Chloe EDP Rose edition is my newest perfume and I extremely excited to hear about this limited edition version of one of my favourites! My boyfriend bought this for me whilst he was in Paris after I mentioned that I had heard about it (brownie points for the purchase) :)
The first thing I noticed was the bright pink bow and slightly darker colour of the fragrance. I knew that the scent would be floral and roses would be the main feature of the scent because of the name however it was even more beautiful than I imagined! It is stronger than the original with a real warmth to it. I would wear this on any occasion like the original however I would definitely go to this one first for an evening event or night out with friends because of its staying power on the skin and its deeper floral notes. The bottle is exactly the same as the original apart from the different coloured bow and this is a reflection of the similarities in the fragrance itself. It is similar enough to the original to know that it belongs to the same perfume family however it is different enough to warrant buying it alongside the original. I would always recommend trying fragrances before you buy however I am yet to find anyone who dislikes these fragrances. The classic is elegant and clean and the rose edition is girly with a sultry twist.

My final scents are not perfumes but body sprays. Sometimes on a warm lazy day or a day at the beach on holiday I don't feel the need to use a perfume because it feels too heavy or because I don't want to waste expensive product when I'm in the house or sunbathing and so I like to purchase body sprays which give me a light fragrance. I like to use the spray all over the body or sometimes spritz just in the hair for a softer fragrance.

These are my two summer body sprays this year:

Left: Hollister Laguna Beach Body Mist £10
Right: Gilly Hicks Poppy Belle Body Mist £11

The first thing which makes these perfect for holidays and lazy days is the price. I am much happier using a £10 product on a day at the beach than a £50 perfume! The price is great considering how much product you get in each bottle and the scent really does last on the skin all day. Both sprays are sweet  with the Hollister boasting notes of peach and freesia developing into a sweet and refreshing scent while the Gilly Hicks mist smells floral and musky with the white amber creating a really clean and soft finish. 

So there you have it! My favourite scents of the summer this year! I have quite a few perfumes on my wish list at the moment so if I manage to purchase them at duty free before my holiday I will post a review :) 
Check out my favourites online and go into your local stores and try them out or if your feeling brave order online but perfumes are about personal taste so I would strongly recommend trying out in stores on your own skin before you buy. Something which smells great on a friend might just not suit your own skin and you do not want to spend £35 plus on a scent you will never wear! I am always looking for inspiration for my next perfume purchase so let me know your favourite summer scents and keep my fragrance addiction going.....!

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