Monday, 8 August 2011

My Top 5 Summer Nail Colours

So here it first proper blog post!

Where better to start than with bright beautiful nail polishes :) 
When it comes to hands and feet I just cannot leave them unloved especially in the summer months when sandals are a must and we are gracing the beach on holiday. There is no better way to make yourself feel a little more glam and I love looking at nail colours and deciding which one matches my mood and outfit or picking one just because the colour is gorgeous! I change my toe colour every 2 weeks without fail and i love using bright colours on my hands when I am not working at the weekends. I have so many colours it can take me a while to choose but I have chosen my top 5 colours for the summer months because they are fresh, lively and look stunning with a tan.I will be revealing how to get the perfect tan in my next blog post!
Back to todays post, I have a few tips to keep your hands and feet in top condition!

1. Exfoliate- Not just for the face and body, our tootsies need some scrubbing too and removing the dead skin cells especially on the bottom of your feet will make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your feet.

2. Moisturise- Use a foot cream specifically formulated for this area to get the best results. Try Margaret Dabbs products, she specialises in foot care and therefore the ingredients are rich and provide fantastic results. Use a body cream if you are rushed for time such as Palmers Cocoa Butter. It smells divine and is rich enough to combat dry heels. If cracked heels are a big issue use an intensive treatment such as Scholl cracked heel repair cream.

3. Strengthen- Invest in a high quality nail strengthener to keep your nails in tip top condition. I use OPI Nail Envy on my hands and feet and find that it stops them from breaking, peeling and is the perfect base coat for colour. The formulation is now available in a matte finish so even guys or women with jobs who cannot wear polish can treat their nails without anyone having to know.

4.Treat- For an extra treat use OPI Avoplex oil on your hand and feet cuticles. The avocado oil in this product provides an instant boost to the nail area and can even be used on dry heels and elbows. I like to rub the oil into each of the nails and rub the excess onto my hands before bed. Another nice treat is to use Margaret Dabbs hydrating foot soak in a bowl of warm water. This is perfect for those of us who stand at work and come home with tired, aching feet. I would recommend this as a weekly treat.

So without further are my favourite colours!

From L to R: Opi-My Chihuahua Bites, Jessica- Sunset Plaza, Jessica- Sweet Tooth, Jessica- Seductress, Topshop- Gone Fishing

I have included pink, nude, red, coral and green because I feel a little more adventurous than in the winter when I tend to stick to dark reds. I love all of these brands but I do think you get what you pay for with high end brands OPI and Jessica lasting a little longer than high street brand Topshop however if like me you love to change colours often then all the brands last long enough to enjoy. 

I hope you have enjoyed my first ever post and please comment below and let me know what your favourite colours for summer are!

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