Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My current skincare routine

In my opinion, there is nothing more important than looking after your skin! Using make up on skin that hasn't been taken care of is like putting paint onto a canvas that hasn't been primed. So I spend a good deal of time researching and looking for the perfect skincare products. Obviously the best products for me, may not suit everyone. I am in my 20's with Normal/Combination skin and therefore I know what I am looking for in a skincare regime. The first step in discovering your perfect products is working out what your skin needs. I have fairly normal skin, with occasional breakout on the T -Zone area (chin,nose and forehead) and slightly drier cheeks and I believe that I have found a great routine that suits me and it is British beauty brand Liz Earle.

So here is my current collection (just a few pieces.......)! 
This collection includes, Eyebright Lotion for revitalising tired eyes and removing light make up, Smoothing Line Serum for fine lines around the eyes and mouth area, Deep Cleansing Mask for combination/oily skin, Superskin concentrate for an extra boost of moisture and essential oils, Cleanse & Polish for the ultimate deep cleanse, Instant Boost Skin Tonic for post cleansing to refresh and brighten the skin, Skin Repair moisturiser in Normal/Combination, Brightening Treatment to give skin a radiance boost, Gentle Face Exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and improve skin appearance and last but certainly not least the Muslin Cloth to be used with the cleanser which gives incredible results.

I have built up this collection over many years and would recommend all of these products however if you wanted to try the brand without splashing out on every piece, I would say that the most important starter pieces are the cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Liz Earle, the creator of the brand, stresses the importance of cleanse, tone, moisturise and many of her starter kits include these three products. There are so many wonderful reviews of these products that I was not surprised when I saw amazing results on my own skin but I still find myself astounded by the fresh feeling I get after using them. If I were to recommend one product from the range it would be the Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser with muslin cloth. The cleanser is available alone as a starter piece with a muslin cloth included in the price for £13.25 which I believe is a very reasonable price for a product that works so well. Many high end cleansers which don't work as effectively are £20 plus so it is worth investing in the starter kit!

This is the famous Cleanse & Polish 100ml pump!

The Liz Earle website provides a step by step guide on how to use the products for the best results. They suggest massaging the cream textured cleanser into dry skin allowing the product to dissolve traces of make up including waterproof makeup. Then soaking the muslin cloth in hand hot water, wringing it out, and then polishing off the cream on the face.

 I sometimes like to just use the product as a face wash in the shower before work in the morning and then go through the full routine with muslin cloth before bed at night to remove all traces of grime and make up. Travelling on the tube in London and wearing make up all day, I did not realise how much my skin was affected until I used the cleanser with the muslin cloth and the colour of the cloth afterwards told me just how dirty my skin gets on a day to day basis!

This product has completely changed my skin. I feel like I can go without make up now and I don't feel worried about revealing my skin! The ingredients are completely natural which I feel strongly about as I don't like using products containing nasties. I have tried many cleansers because I feel like I should give other brands a chance but I always find myself coming back to Liz Earle because the products are natural, affordable and most importantly they do what they claim to do which many products on the market do not! As you may have guessed I am a little bit in love with this range and now I am a little bit more in love with my own skin!

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