Friday, 2 December 2011

Glossybox - November

I was sent the November monthly subscription box and once again was excited to see what it contained. I love the idea of getting a treat every month but not knowing what goodies are inside. It makes receiving the box more exciting and allows the subscriber to try products they may not choose to buy themselves therefore expanding their knowledge of ranges on the beauty market. I want to say that I was as thrilled as I had been the month before however this box was a little disappointing for me. Let me tell you what was inside and how I felt about each of the products.

Once again I cannot fault the packaging and I think that it is because the packaging is so beautiful and luxurious that I felt a little deflated when I looked inside. The products are nice but that is as far as I would go and I was only genuinely excited by one of the products which isn't what I was hoping for with a box thats worth £10 a month.

Freak Illamsqua perfume sample - This was my favourite product because I have been desperate to try this perfume since it launched because the style and quality of the Illamasqua make up brand is high and the bottle itself is gorgeous. I wanted to like the fragrance before I even sprayed it because I already love the brand and thankfully I do! It is a dark, sensual smell which would be perfect for winter evenings.

Dead sea spa magik bath salts - These salts claimed to ease muscle tension and hydrate and smooth skin which are both issues for me as I suffer terribly from tension headaches and shoulder pain and who doesn't want smoother skin? The salts were a nice addition to my bath but I cant say I felt my tension eased and my skin was smooth but nothing extraordinary! I have used muscle soak bath products in the past and unfortunately this product was just not as good. I was pleased that the bath salts were all natural thought as it was nice to use an organic product.

Arbonne Ultra hydrating hand cream - This product was great because it hydrated but left the skin matte and smooth instead of greasy and shiny as many other hand creams do. I am happy to pop this into my handbag and apply during the day but I am not sure that I like it enough to repurchase.

Monu Revitalizing moisturiser - I liked the packaging of this product as it looks expensive however I was disappointed with the product inside. The smell was not at all luxurious and I did not notice any special moisturising effects. My skin did not look or feel any better than it does usually and so I would not consider purchasing this. There was nothing wrong with it but if I don't see a difference after using skin care products I don't see the point in buying them.

Nail Rocks nail wraps - I like the polka dot design of these wraps but as someone who cannot wear nail polish on my nails at work I will have to wait until maybe the Christmas holidays to try these as I don't want to waste them on a weekend when I will only be wearing them for 48 hours! I like the idea of wraps as an alternative to polish which often chips or takes a while to dry etc. I will post a review of them when I have given them a proper chance but I do think they are a nice addition to the box.

Overall I am not bowled over this month despite there being some decent products inside. I was very jealous when I saw that some people had received a Philip Kingsley Elasticizer haircare tube in theirs which is a cult product I am eager to get my hands on! It is a shame that only 1 or 2 of the products genuinely excited me because I still think that this is a monthly treat worth investing in. The service, packaging and idea is all perfect but unfortunately this month the actual products have let the experience down. I hope the goodies in next month's box are a little more luxurious!

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  1. I recieved the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in my feel unique box and I've not really got on with it very well (my hair is very difficult to please!)

    Would you like me to send you the rest? I only used it once and I have short hair so there is a fair bit left :) E-mail me your address and I'll pop it in the post on monday :)