Thursday, 1 December 2011

Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt

I recently came across the organic brand "Evolve" whilst browsing through one of my favourite organic skin care websites called and was impressed by its pretty packaging and affordable prices. I contacted the brand who were kind enough to send me a full size sample of their Gentle cleansing melt, a balm textured cleanser which claims to deep cleanse skin and remove all make up. The product is soap free, sugar based and ideal for dry/sensitive skin types.

The pretty box that the balm comes in

The tub itself with screw top lid

The packaging is simple but effective and reflects the organic nature of the product inside. I like the pink tone of the tub as it makes the product feel girly and a real treat. I like the tub because it holds a lot of product and allows you to get to the very bottom without wasting the last bit as I find happens with many tubes or pump dispenser packaging. The tub is also light and therefore great for travel to pop into your wash bag. The only problem some people may have is knowing how much product to scoop out each time however after a few days of use I came to realise that very little balm was needed to cover my entire face and neck.

The balm inside with protective see through lid

The product itself is very different to any other cleanser I have used in the past. The balm texture was a bit of a shock for someone who has only used cream or gel cleansers in the past! If you aren't keen on using balms on your face then you may want to avoid this product as it feels very rich on the skin. I have normal/combination skin and thought that this would be a little too much for me as its aimed at dry skin types however it feels so light on the skin and rinses off so well that you are left with no residue and skin simply feels cleaner and softer which is what I look for in a cleanser. The balm works best applied to dry skin, massaged in, then mixed with warm water to create a milky texture and rinsed off with water or using a cloth. I used the cleanser mainly at night time to remove my make up and give myself a deep clean and it worked perfectly. I also found that it worked well with my Liz Earle muslin cloth because it removed all the residue.

The most exciting part of this product for me was the smell! Because it is sugar based and 99.5% organic the vanilla sugary smell is natural and invigorating. It is obviously quite a sweet smell and makes the experience of cleansing even more enjoyable. Yum!

The product feels very luxurious to use but doesn't break the bank at £13.99 for 100ml of product. It is organic, smells divine and cleanses the skin without stripping it with soap or detergents. I will be trying out more of this brand and would highly recommend to those looking for something a little different to add to their skin care routine.

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