Monday, 5 December 2011

Everyone needs a pair of cat slippers!

So this post is a little off the topic of beauty, however I do think these new slippers I have invested in are beautiful and they match my current winter berry lip shades so I had to give them a mention!

 Topshop ESME Velvet cat slippers in Oxblood - £14.00

I didn't really need another pair of slippers but these are a gorgeous burgundy shade, only £14 from Topshop and they have cat faces on them. How could I resist? These are great for a little treat for yourself this season or for an affordable Christmas gift for a friend who loves animals and wants cosy feet! They come in small, medium and large, I wear a small being a size 4 but would recommend size medium for 5/6 and large for 7 and up. I found these in my local store but they are available online at the moment in green or oxblood. If you want them, be quick, as they seem to be selling out in many sizes online! It might be my 26th birthday this week but that doesn't mean that I don't want or need slippers with animal faces on them...... :)


  1. those slippers are adorable! I want them so much!

  2. hehe i know i couldnt resist!

    im checking out your blog now, its fab!

    Hayley x

  3. those are so so cute!!!


  4. Ahh I saw these the other day, may have to go back and get them! x

  5. Are these are so gorgeous and look so comfy!! You are right you can't go without a pair of warm slippers! XxxX

  6. no way what cute slippers! I have grasshoppers myself, so funny to watch down at the feet every time!