Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The life and death of a tanning mitt

It is a sad day saying goodbye to a tanning mitt which has performed well for goodness knows how long, but has finally been destroyed by too many hours of buffing and tanning! I bought my first tanning mitt a couple of years ago after finding latex gloves were creating streaks and could only be used a few times before becoming too dirty to re-use. Therefore it made sense to invest in a tanning mitt that I could use time and time again and would ensure a streak free, even tan. I usually buy the mitts as part of a gift pack because the value is better and I like to use the scrub, mitt and tan from the same range to make sure that the products all work well together to create the perfect finish. 

The dead mitt (pictured above) was from my favourite range, Xen-tan and despite being a fairly good mitt I was never bowled over by the texture or shape and found that it was a little too large for my hand and didn't feel luxurious on my skin like the tanning product itself did. I must have tanned so frantically that the mitt ended up falling apart and tanning my fingers inside more than my body.

However I repurchased the dark lotion trio set from www.feelunique.com for £28.94 (an absolute bargain considering the tan alone can cost up to £28.99 alone elsewhere) and the Xen-tan mitt is now re designed with a sleeker, slimmer shape and a lovely almost velvet texture to make the whole experience feel even better. I have to admit that I didn't take the best care of my last mitt so I will take the advice from the brand website www.xen-tan.co.uk and wash my mitt will mild soap and water after each use to ensure I get the most out of it!

Left: Old design Right: New design

My lovely new soft mitt!

I would highly recommend using a mitt whilst tanning. For me it is so much easier to apply the tan and takes far less time than using hands, with or without gloves. Do you have any tips for applying self tan or any product recommendations? I'm keen to try more ranges so that even if I feel cold this winter I shall remain bronzed!

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  1. When I have faked tanned I've never used a tanning mitt. Thanks so much for the great review and tips! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/