Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Japonesque brushes

I was recently sent brushes by make up brand Japonesque to try and jumped at the chance as I have always wanted to try products from the famous beauty brand now available in the UK in Boots and John Lewis stores.

The brand is well known for its range of brushes, tweezers, lashes and make up artist storage and travel solutions. It is a professional, impressive brand so I am so pleased that it is now available for everyone in the UK! I was sent a selection of travel brushes including Face, Eyes and Brows brushes and a gorgeous brochure containing stunning visuals and a look at all of the products available within the range.

One of my favourites in the range, the travel eye shadow crease brush. Perfect for applying/blending colours into the socket line to create a smokey eye. The wonderful packaging and information on the back means that even make up newbies can learn how to use the brushes with make up to create looks and get the most out of the tools. The full size brush is £12.75 from www.boots.com and is a great addition to any make up kit.

Another brush which stood out for me is the Powder brush which is £29.25 from www.boots.com. This soft, rounded brush picks up the perfect amount of loose powder or shimmer to dust over the face and body. Particularly good at this time of year when I am adding shimmer to my festive make up looks! At under £30 this is an investment worth making.

These two brow brushes are excellent! The first brow/lash comb is a must have for those with unruly eyebrows or eyelash clumping because it solves both these problems and prepares the brows or lashes for any products you want to use afterwards. At £9.75 from www.boots.com it is very affordable and a must have in my opinion. The second brush on the right is the brow definer which is £10.50 from www.boots.com and a great size for applying powder to the brows and making them look defined and styled to perfection. 

The visuals from the brochure are stunning! 

I love these brushes! They are soft bristled but with sturdy handles with simple yet effective branding and packaging. I would recommend them to any ladies building up a collection of brushes who don't want to spend the earth brushes but need a good quality range as part of their kit. 

Find out more about the collection and buy online at www.boots.com and www.johnlewis.com


  1. These brushes look fab and great for building up my brush collection without being too pricy. I'll have to have alook at them next time I am in Boots.

  2. They are lovely quality and affordable. definitely worth checking out in Boots!


  3. the brushes look great, im always after new ones might have to try them out