Sunday, 18 December 2011

Angela Langford Skincare

I was sent a sample pack of this natural skincare range about a month ago and have used it since to test the effects of a brand which uses natural and organic ingredients to work with the skin to provide effective results. The brand, created by Angela Langford, immediately appealed to me because the name of the brand gives it a personal touch and real sense of authenticity and an honest desire to provide the best products for the consumer. This was reflected in the personalised skincare pack I was sent and the personal note explaining how to use each of the products and why they would benefit my normal/combination skin.

Angela was extremely helping in choosing the right products for me and was readily available by email to answer any questions which was a real bonus in dealing with a small, personal company. I will give you a brief description of each of the products I tried and how I felt they worked for me.

Sweet Cheeks - Papaya and Cypress Daily face wash
(£15.45 100mls)

This gentle daily wash contains an array of ingredients to help clean and clear the skin of dirt and impurities including papaya, rose petals and jojoba oil. The packaging is clear and explains why each ingredients has been included and what its specific purpose is. This wash was light, comfortable on the skin and felt lovely in the morning. It also helped to dissolve away make up in the evening. It didn't foam which I liked, it just became creamy and then easily washed off. I would recommend to those who want a no fuss cleanser but with a gorgeous smell and benefits of natural ingredients.

Scrub Up - Fruit Extract Exfoliator 
(£15.80 50mls)

The scrub is gentle enough for sensitive skin and ideal for using once or twice a week to slough away dead skin cells and leave skin radiant. The same effective ingredients from the face wash are included in this scrub too so the smell is once again beautiful and my skin was left fresh and soft. I would recommend this for scrub for people who don't usually like using scrubs because it is gentle and comfortable. 

Freshen Up - Rose, Geranium and Orange Blossom Toner
(£10.35 100mls)

This toner smells quite strong but I adore it! It is refreshing and feels light on the skin and is the perfect follow on from the cleansing products because it removes the last traces of make up and dirt and leaves the skin radiant and feeling fresh. This was one of my favourite products in the range because I could see and feel the results.

Perfect Pores - Anti ageing, plumping and pore perfecting Specialist Serum
(£26.55 30mls)

This was another of my favourites from the range. The smell, texture and effects of this serum are wonderful and I love the fact that it does so much to help the skin in various ways. The active ingredients help improve the texture of the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and protect the skin from elements which can cause wrinkles. I enjoyed using this product because it felt lovely and I really felt like it changed the appearance of my skin.

Balanced & Beautiful - Rosehip and Kiwi Face Oil
(£22.55 25mls)

This oil was perfect for my evening cleansing routine and didn't feel uncomfortable as many face oils can because it was non greasy and light in texture. The smell was natural and relaxing which made it ideal for using before bed! It sank into the skin quickly and quickly hydrated. Because I have combination skin, I often worry about using oils on my face in case I end up with blemishes or an oily t zone however this oil is specifically formulated for combination skin to balance and refine the pores. A great starter product for those who are new to the range because it can be added onto the end of your current skincare routine.

Balancing Act - Lightweight Daily Face Moisturiser
(£27.15 45mls)

Another ideal product for combination skin, this moisturiser has a lovely texture which feels light and smells divine. The special plant extracts in it provide deep hydration whilst helping to get rid of excess oil. Ingredients such as Chia seed, Evening primrose and Hyaluronic Acid also protect against ageing and plump the skin. Perfect for those who like their moisturiser light in texture for day time use, especially for using under make up.

I was impressed with this range! The way that each ingredients is explained makes me feel like I am putting only the best onto my skin and each product was a pleasure to use. I used this range to give both my mum and sister a facial too and they both reported softer, more radiant skin the next morning and enjoyed the smells and textures whilst I was applying the products. If you want to invest in effective, natural skin care products with a personal touch then this range is the range for you. The packaging and website are clean and attractive but it is the products themselves that really make this a range worth trying out. 

You can order a free sample pack and find out more about the range on the website


  1. interesting products! I have sensitive skin so i have to be careful about what I put on my face! I will be checking out their site and see what they have! By the way I found your blog on Monday’s Beauties Blog Hop, and I am now a new follower!

  2. yes the products are perfect for sensitive skin and you can get personalised advice on what products are best for your skin type! thanks I will check out and follow your blog too ;) x

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