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10 questions for a blogger - part 5

Hello everyone! Thank you to all my new followers and recent comments, I love reading them! Onto today's post, and I've got another blogger interview for you and this one is with Gina from Gina is a friend of mine from work and her genuine passion for beauty means that we clicked straight away when we met and when I found out she also had a beauty blog I knew I had to include her on my blog. Her posts are a real insight into beauty and she shares some great tips with her readers so take a look at her interview :)

Name: Gina

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to start?

I started Blogging just last year, at first i didn't really keep up with it but after a while i just ended up discovering so many amazing products and picked up tips and tricks
that i thought could and would benefit a lot of girls out there so i just had to share them! Its an amazing feeling discovering something that really works for you even more
so when you help someone else feel that as well.

What is your favourite subject to blog on?

My favourite is most probably anything beauty/hair related.. closely followed by fashion! Anything that involves tips of any kind to help someone feel fabulous!

Which beauty item should every girl own?

Hmm only one? haha the beauty essential that i feel makes the most impact is probably mascara. Maxfactor never fails me in this department!

Which make up look are you wearing this season?

My 'trademark' everyday look is winged eyeliner, contour and blush, however this winter ..when not at work and having to stick to my poopy 'natural look' policy i have
been dabbling with plum lips and mauve blushes, something about the cold seasons makes me want to wear bold lips more!

Can you recommend five of your favourite blogs?

Of course my one and only Hayley a lovely friend of mine i met at work our first ever conversation consisted of 'so do you use fake tan?' the rest was history! haha

If you dont know about 'Beauty Crush' well then your either a complete noob or...have no access to the internet! fellow london fashion/beauty addicted blogger

I have read this girls blog since her very first post and watched it blossom into something i check like the morning paper,Miss Jennifer

Love Laurens Blog full of clothes she seems to be forever buying! Me likey!

Last but certainly not least the pixiwoo sisters, they're youtube channel is my BBC news , not much needs to be said!

Which beauty products are currently on your wish list?

At this precise moment in time struggling to think of anything because i think i have already bought it all haha! I think it has got to the point where i internet
shop on beauty sites clicking on anything and everything thats new and interesting!

What are your top 3 make up brands and why?

Everyday Minerals - This is all i use on my face and i can hand on my heart say this along side my skincare regime keeps my skin in tip top condition, 
I hate the feel of liquid foundations on my face mostly because my skin is very oily...and i like not leaving face prints on people's shoulders so this brand is
a major win for me..i am now on my 4th repurchase, thats a pretty serious relationship considering i always get a 'new product itch' after about a month with

Maxfactor - Mascara's . Their Mascara's do no wrong in my eyes my particular favourite's are 'MasterPiece Max & Falsh Lash effect' they do the job. they do it well,every time!

Sleek - Super great selection of palettes and great quality at prices that dont break the bank!

What is your greatest beauty product discovery this year?

It has to be that i have found my perfect skincare regime with Garnier, after so long of testing and trying so many different products this brand has made a significant
positive impact and i shall heart it till the day i die!

What is your idea of the perfect pampering evening?

Bubble Bath
Steam and Facemask

If you had one piece of advice for potential bloggers what would it be?

When you start out dont be disheartened by a low number of followers but at the same time dont expect to just be discovered, get out there comment on other
blogs, recommend your blog on twitter and Facebook , have your friends check it out, go out of your way to contact companies and inform yourself about topics
you know your readers would love to hear about. Make your blog easy to read, paragraph!! Theres nothing more off putting then a massive blob of text! Get a lot of
pictures in there, make it visually appealing to look at and easy to read, dont try to write a shakespearean master piece with every post sometimes keeping it simple is
most effective but most of all do it for the love of the topic you are writing about and enjoy yourself!

Thanks again to Gina for taking part and please do get in touch if you would like to fill out this questionnaire too, I love getting involved in blogger interviews!

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