Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tension relief!

I thought I would write this post despite the fact its not technically a beauty post however it is related to lifestyle and products that make me feel better on a daily basis. I suffer from muscle tension, especially in my shoulders, neck, head and jaw areas which cause me to have headaches and aches and pains at random times and is incredibly annoying and often upsetting :( I am generally a happy person and so when people tell me I hold a lot of tension in these areas I am quite surprised because I don't tend to feel stressed! 
To combat this tension and the side effects of headaches and muscle pain I have three types of treatment at different times throughout each year. I make sure that every month I get a deep tissue massage from my local salon by a lady called Lesley who suffers the same problems herself and therefore knows exactly how to help me and work with certain areas on my body each session. I also see a specialist in Myofascial release called Amanda, who works on the fascia, the areas between the muscle, to gently relieve tension and  find exactly the right areas which cause my headaches and head pains. Once or twice a year I see a TMJ specialist called Sean who gives me complimentary sessions on loosening the jaw area using soft pressure and stress relieving holistic practices which is a great opportunity to relax completely for an hour. I find that the combination of these three treatments helps me to combat my muscle tension and I like to do stretches and exercises at home. There are also various products on the market that I find help me and I thought I would share with you as they can also be helpful for relieving stress and anxiety on a daily basis or during important times in your life :)

Elemis instant refreshing gel - £22.50
A cool clear gel that can be applied to the shoulders, to relieve tension, the temples and neck to relieve headaches and to soothe tired legs. A multi functional product perfect for anyone who suffers from tension or stands on their feet all day. Smells fairly strong and not the most pleasant scent but really works and products lasts ages.

Bach Rescue remedy spray - £4.95
A flower essence spray which is applied to the tongue and promotes a stress free lifestyle. Can be used before an important event such as an exam or can be used on a daily basis to create a sense of relaxation. Taste is not unpleasant and for under £5 I think of this product as a handbag essential. I like to keep it with me in case I feel anxiety or stress coming on!

Tiger Balm (white) - £4.40
A cult classic product balm textured product, which as applied to the skin, warms gently to relieve aches and pains. Can be applied to shoulders to soothe knots and tension. I like to apply to my temples too for added relief. Smells slightly unpleasant so best to use at night or at home as it may attract some unfortunate looks on public transport! Feels comfortable on the skin and when used as part of a massage provides great relief.

Coline mini-massager - £4.99
A compact vibrating hand held massaging tool which gently vibrates against the skin to loosen knots in my shoulders. Because of the vibrations I don't like using it on my neck as it feels a little odd but on the back and shoulders it is the perfect shape and doesn't feel too hard on my painful spots! The handle is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand and can be used on yourself or you can ask someone to go all over your back area for full relief. Feels lovely but obviously not an alternative to a deep tissue massage from a professional. Great for people who want a relief between actual massage treatments.

Hope this has given anyone with anxiety or muscle tension some ideas of how to help yourself and if anyone has any stress relieving tips please comment below! I am always looking for new ways to relieve tension and maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle :)

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