Friday, 25 November 2011

Luxury beauty gifts

I don't know why I am depressing myself and others by doing this post but we are all allowed to dream!
I have seen lots of luxurious, expensive beauty gifts around this year particularly in high end stores and thought I would show you my favourites and if anyone has a large budget this year (or is just living in a dream world like me) then here is some inspiration...... 

Bobbi Brown deluxe gold beauty trunk (exclusive to Selfridges) - £200

Its gold, its Bobbi Brown and its shiny, need I say more? I cant think of a more stylish and glamorous way to store make up! I would be proud to have this on my dressing table but would probably be too afraid to put make up items into it as it is so perfect.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Luxury candle - £260

Yes it is 2.5kg which is a giant candle but I just can't imagine anyone being able to put that amount of cash down on the counter in exchange for a candle! Thankfully I have the more affordable cologne of this scent coming for Christmas so at least I will finally have this scent in my possession!

Creme de la mer The luxury essentials - £305

Considering the price of one jar of this famous face cream, this gift is technically value for money however this hefty price tag is only suitable for men who REALLY love their spouse! I wish I could afford to buy this quality cult product for my mum but the bank balance is saying "no way"!

Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad - £62

Its not the most expensive item on the list but when I told my boyfriend I was in love with an eyeshadow palette that cost this much his jaw nearly fell to the floor. It is a very exciting launch in the make up world and the quality and finish are second to none. I will put this on my wish list just in case he changes his mind.......

Kiehl's Swarovski Edition Creme de Corps - £1,600

I love this moisturising Kiehl's body lotion and I love crystals therefore I deserve this present right? This is by far the most expensive beauty gift I have come across this year and I don't know anyone who could or would purchase it but someone will and I will be very jealous of them. Can you imagine a more perfect accessory on your dressing table? *swoon*

So there you are, a few beauty treats for you to drool over. Have you found any dream products this year and have you got any tips for getting the man in your life to spend 3 months wages on beauty treats for you?


  1. I saw the Jo Malone candles in Fenwick's the other day, they're amazingly huge! x

  2. i know i wish i could afford a gorgeous giant candle! :(

    Hayley x

  3. I shouldn't have read this... I want everything in this list now! :( Reading posts like this is never good for my bank balance! :L xo

  4. Wow that crystal body lotion is amazing!!
    I need this in my life (One day!)

  5. these are lovely gift inspirations!

    thanks for sharing :)

  6. thanks guys! isnt it lovely to dream ;)
    ive just posted some affordable xmas gift ideas if you want to take a look!

    Hayley x