Monday, 14 November 2011

Pucker up! with Blistex

With the weather getting colder and our skin getting drier and more sensitive, it is easy to forget that our lips suffer too and need a little extra TLC during the winter months. I myself find that my lips are much more prone to cracking and flaking during this time and I usually slap a bit of lip balm on when it gets bad enough to notice but never think to treat my lips daily. I am a huge fan of lipgloss and lipsticks but I am terrible at prepping the lip skin for using make up! So when Blistex sent me a selection of lip friendly goodies I decided now would be the perfect time to get preparing!

5 Blistex products (PR sample)

Here is a quick description of each of the products:

Blistex Relief Cream - A healing formula for extremely dry or problematic lips. The cream is medicated and so can also treat cold sores and cracked lips. I don't suffer from cold sores but would keep this in my bathroom cabinet for when my lips are suffering after a day out in the cold.

Blistex Intensive moisturiser - A hydrating forumla to treat sore lips but also prevent them. It has a tingly sensation and I liked using this after brushing my teeth at night and sleeping in it. The curved shape of the applicator is perfect for using on the lip area.

Blistex Lip Brilliance - This blushing pink colour with SPF 15 is perfect for summer and winter months because it provides a rosy pink glow to the lips as well as moisturising and softening the lips. The product is perfect for carrying in my handbag, especially for use with a natural make up look.

Blistex Daily lip conditioner - A caring formula for every day use, this small pot of goodness containing aloe vera, vitamin e and collagen with SPF 15 provides essential care to keep your lips in top condition.I like the tub because you can take it in your handbag and dip in whenever needed. Great for when I am wearing lipstick to keep the skin soft and vibrant.

Blistex Lip massage - The perfect tool for flaking lips, with a ridged applicator to gently buff away dead skin and a shea butter formula with SPF 10. I was impressed with the way this product changed the feel and appearance of my lips immediately. A real innovation in lip care.

I was very impressed with this range. The products feel comfortable and have no overpowering smell or taste which makes them perfect for day and night use. There is a product for every lip care need and I would definitely recommend the brand to those who want to give their lips that extra care this winter!


  1. hands up, i have never tried blistex, to be honest i thought it was for coldsores, shows i never look closely. may have to look these up! great review

  2. i thought exactly the same laura, but the lip brilliance with a rose colour in particular, is a gorgeous colour and conditioning treatment! thanks :)