Thursday, 17 November 2011

Facial Oils

I have recently discovered the amazing effects of face oils after years of being a little frightened by the idea of slathering oil on my normal combination skin. I always assumed it would cause breakouts or leave my skin oily and uncomfortable. However I have found three oils which I enjoy using and leave my skin looking moisturised and healthy after use. I thought I would share them with you and convert those of you who felt like me or inspire those of you who haven't found an oil that works for you yet :)

L-R Betty Hula Wonder Oil, Green People Facial Oil, Decleor Aromessence Neroli

I purchased the Betty Hula most recently after hearing rave reviews from other bloggers and on a trip to Sainsburys I noticed the last bottle of it on the shelf and so I just couldn't walk away! The name wonder oil implies that the product will work, and it claims not only to combat dryness but wrinkles too! Because I am in my mid twenties I wasn't overly concerned with the anti ageing properties of the product but the skin perfecting and moisturising effects were certainly noticeable. I applied before bed and each morning I would wake up with clear, plump skin. The texture is quite oily and I was worried it would be too heavy for my skin but I have just found myself cutting down on the amount I use each time. It smells lovely, not at all overpowering and glides on smoothly. RRP is £15.99 for 50ml which is far cheaper than many luxury facial oils and for anyone concerned with anti ageing on a budget this is certainly worth a try!

The Green People facial oil was part of a set of PR samples from the company after I became interested in their natural organic but affordable skincare range. The facial oil was one of the best products in their collection, with a lovely natural herb fragrance, light texture and simple clear packaging. Again this product has anti ageing and plumping properties but its 99% certified organic which means its suitable for all skin types, even people prone to eczema and psoriasis and improves elasticity in the face and neck. For those of you who prefer using organic products this is an amazing facial oil which can even be applied gently to the skin to create a perfect make up base. At £16.95 RRP for 30ml this product is an affordable natural skincare option with visible benefits.

The last oil is part of a skincare kit I bought after an amazing Decleor facial at a Center Parcs spa last year. The product is only small as it was part of an entire routine kit however I use this oil every couple of weeks and it is still not finished! The product goes a long way and therefore despite being the most pricey of all the oils, it will last you a while! It smells luxurious with a divine blend of neroli, sandalwood, sage, parsley and juniper berries and feels like a real treat every time I use it. The main benefits of the oil are radiance and smoothness to the skin and it doesn't claim to have anti ageing properties like the other oils however it works in conjunction with the Decleor moisturiser to reinforce its moisturising properties which can only improve the texture and look of the skin! I have to admit that if I were forced to choose my favourite oil this would probably be the one purely because of the amazing smell and luxurious feel of the product. It is a £43.00 for a 15ml bottle which is certainly an expensive one off purchase but when you consider how long it will last if you use it as a weekly/fortnightly treat, it is an investment worth making in my opinion. Maybe pop it on the Christmas wishlist........

That is my top 3 facial oils! If you have any more suggestions please leave comments below as I am interested in trying out more this winter! 

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  1. ive used oild for about 4 yeas now and i love them. Betty Hula is a new favourate of mine. I also use the Sanctuary (sold in Boots and Debenhams) they have 2 oils and both are amazing too. if you really want the best oil then you need to try pure rosehip oil, its more expensive, think Trilogy have one at £17, but there are other brands too. Rosehip oil is the creme de le creme of facial oils.