Monday, 21 November 2011

Blinc mascara

I was recently sent a sample of Blinc mascara and primer, the original brand tubing mascara which forms tubes around each lash creating a water and smudge proof finish. I was of course excited about this concept as I am constantly having issues with mascara's flaking or smudging during the day and ending up with the dreaded panda eyes!

Blinc mascara and lash primer (PR Sample)

The packaging is sleek and almost futuristic with a metal style finish and I think this reflects the revolutionary idea contained within the tube. It is not the most appealing packaging and I wouldn't be drawn to it aesthetically however it is the unique formula which is its selling point. The lash primer is a treatment and mascara base coat in one and can be applied before bed for a deep eyelash conditioning treatment or before using the mascara to treat the lashes and create length and volume. The formula is white and therefore you can see exactly how much you have applied and how the product immediately lengthens the lashes. I expected more volume but was impressed with the length created just by the primer. The mascara itself has a classic brush which adds to the length of the lashes and separates each lash. It works well with the primer as its deep black colour covers all of the white formula and extends the length of the lashes even further. Again I was hoping for more volume so I would recommend this as a natural look day time mascara rather than a false lash effect product. However if you are mostly concerned with length and separation you will not be disappointed. 

I was impressed with the staying power of this product. The mascara didn't flake or smudge after a long day at work and even whilst washing my face at night the mascara did not budge! The product doesn't need to be removed using make up remover because the tubes of mascara can simply be pulled of the lashes however this was my least favourite aspect of the product. I like using an eye make up remover to simply sweep product off of my eyes and I didn't enjoy taking the tubes off each lash as I felt like I may be damaging my lashes in some way. I am sure that this is not the case but nonetheless it didn't feel completely comfortable. It is something that I would have to get used to if I were to repurchase the product.

The full size mascara retails for £18.50 and the primer £12.80 which are not overly expensive considering that if you are investing in this product you should be expecting to pay more for its unique formula with proven results. I personally would consider repurchasing for use on holiday because I could be sure that the mascara would stay on my lashes and not end up on my face after a day in the sun or in the pool! I would also recommend this product for brides or make up artists looking for a long wear mascara to add to their professional kit. However if you are not convinced, a trial size of the mascara is available from the company website for only £2.56 with a 20% off discount if you choose to buy the full size product which is a great idea for those of you who are interested in the concept and want to try before you buy. 

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