Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Breakfast scrub

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Onto today's post, I have tried quite a few products from Soap and Glory before, including their hand cream, scrubs and body butters and have enjoyed using all of them. I spotted "The Breakfast Scrub" body exfoliator on the shelf in Boots with its breakfast time ingredients and girly packaging and I just couldn't resist grabbing it! I am always in need of an exfoliator to keep my skin soft and to scrub away any excess self tan in preparation for a new layer. The scent is maple syrup (yum) and the scrub contains sugar particles, oatmeal grains, shea butter and almond, honey and banana extracts (yum yum yum) There was no denying that it smelt good but could  it deliver silky smooth skin?

Soap and Glory "The Breakfast Scrub" - £9.45 www.boots.com

The scrub was voted best scrub in Cosmo Awards and by U magazine beauty readers so I had high hopes already for this product! The smell is divine is uplifting for the morning but also soothing for night time bathing. The grains themselves are not too harsh on the skin, making exfoliating an enjoyable process and the texture is thick and almost creamy making the scrubbing feel less harsh on delicate skin areas. I used this scrub before tanning and a few days later to remove the tan and both times the scrub worked well. I always use an exfoliating glove when removing tan in conjunction with a scrub to ensure all product is removed however for regular exfoliation this scrub is great at deep exfoliation and left my skin soft and ready for moisturising! A great scrub which smells gorgeous and exfoliates without tugging at the skin, what more could you want?
 I will definitely be buying more products from the brand as I haven't been let down by any of the range yet and I am VERY excited about trying their new make up products too.......

What is your favourite body scrub? 


  1. This is my absolute favourite exfoliator, purely because of the smell! It's on offer on ASOS for £6 at the moment too x


  2. ooo really? might have to buy another one now then thanks for letting me know! i know isnt it scrummy mmmm!

    Hayley x