Monday, 7 November 2011

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - a review

Firstly let me start by saying that Chanel make up is one of my favourite brands. I am always blown away by the results and despite the hefty price tag I tend re purchase their products. So I had high hopes for this foundation! I have previously tried the original vitalumiere foundation which I enjoyed using but found a little too heavy and dewy for my combination skin and was the first Chanel product I found myself not wanting to repurchase. I love Pro Lumiere, a full coverage foundation, which I use for evenings out when I want to create a flawless finish base for applying heavier night time make up. However I felt like I was missing a sheer to medium base and when I heard about the new vitalumiere aqua, a water based ultra light foundation, I had to try it.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in shade B30 Beige Sable - £31.00 

The packaging was as always sleek and elegant, with black and gold detail on the box. I always enjoy buying Chanel products because it feels like a luxurious treat! I immediately noticed how light and compact the foundation bottle was, compared to the slightly larger and more chunky bottled pro lumiere which I have trouble carrying in my handbag with me and often leave at home, touching up my base with powder throughout an evening. This packaging is a little less glamourous but much more useful and   as long as the product inside is of high quality this is not an issue for me. The only difference which I didn't like was the fact that this product has no pump and the bottle must be squeezed out instead. I prefer pump action foundations because they provide a perfect amount of product for each section of the face whereas this method is a little less precise and you must be careful not to squeeze too hard and waste product. However because the bottle is travel friendly and the texture so sheer, this squeeze method may be more suitable.
The texture is much sheerer than I am used to and I had a little panic at first! It is essential to shake the bottle before use because the foundation is water based and therefore must be separated or the ingredients will settle. Chanel claim that the foundation is "Ultra light skin perfecting make up" and it certainly lived up to this claim. This is exactly how I would describe the foundation, with a light feel and finish but enough coverage for a girl like me who loves her full coverage flawless base! I obviously had to use a little more concealer than usual to cover any blemishes and I certainly wouldn't recommend this to girls who dislike their skin or have extreme redness or blemishes however for my normal combination skin with few blemishes, this product was the perfect coverage for day or even night. I wore this to the theatre and didn't feel like the coverage was too sheer for this occasion but to me this is the perfect day time base. To see how the foundation looks on my skin take a look at my Pretty Green Eyes blog post!

Yes it is £31.00 which is of course at the high end of foundation prices but I am in love with this product! You can feel the quality as you apply it to your skin and the finish is dewy and beautiful. The website uses the term "glowing from within" and this is truly how this foundation makes my skin look. My favourite fuller coverage foundation Pro Lumiere is being discontinued so grab it quick! However, early next year, Chanel are launching Perfection Lumiere in the UK market which claims to create the perfect flawless base which I am beyond excited to try! I will be purchasing it as soon as it comes out no matter what the reviews because I can be sure that when it comes to foundations, Chanel have got it right!

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