Friday, 27 April 2012

The lady is a vamp

I have recently been experimenting much more with lipstick shades and my recent purchase of MAC lipstick in Rebel and lipliner in Beet are certainly the darkest colours I have ever bought. I was a little nervous about stepping out in such a deep lipstick at first but have worn the colour for both day and night now and am loving it!

The lipliner creates the perfect deep red base whilst the lipstick is a rich red purple with hints of pink which is like nothing I have ever seen or worn before. The pink tone makes it much more wearable for me and it livens up my usual black outfits. I planned to wear it on a night out and wanted to a nail polish to match and realised that my Tom Ford black cherry nail polish was the perfect partner.

A match made in heaven!

I wore these products on a night out with friends and loved the finished look! I wore a pink top and black leggings which picked up the pinky tone in the dark lips and didn't distract too much from the make up (which is always the most important part)! I also wore a new necklace with dusty pink and gold in it which I love and finished off the look nicely.

Do you like wearing darker lipsticks and if so can you suggest any more that I should try?



  1. You're such a bad influence on my bank balance. I need Beet in my life now. What are the Tom Ford polishes like? I'm a bit undecided on his range x

    1. Hehe beet is amazing! I really like them,that was just one coat so great coverage! i got mine as a gift at xmas but dont think i could warrant spending that much myself! got an eye palette too from the man so will blog about that soon! x

  2. looks scarily dark in the bullet but very very pretty on you!x

  3. Heya! Iv nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! :)
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    Much love!

  4. I love this look! I just followed you <3

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