Thursday, 12 April 2012

EOS lip balm sphere

I was sent this medicated tangerine lip balm by a fantastic website I have just discovered called which specialises in natural, vegan and organic beauty and make up products. Their slogan is "cosmetics with a conscience" which I love as I am always keen to find quality brands which deliver results without harming the environment or our own skin.

This lip balm from EOS comes in a variety of flavours including lemon drop and strawberry sorbet so whatever your preferred fruit there is something for you. I was sent the tangerine flavour which was lucky as I adore citrus scents and tastes and the orange packaging really livens up my make up bag!

The product itself is 95% natural, contains no nasties and is petroleum free. It is also full of antioxidants, vitamins and shea butter which smooth your lips as well as protecting them from environmental damage. With constant temperature changes and constant travelling in and around London, my lips are really suffering at the moment so this little product couldn't have come at a better time! 

The first thing I like is the packaging. The sphere is compact and easy to open and comfortable to hold. Despite the compact size it holds alot of product and because it is in a sturdy balm form the tiniest amount is used each time you apply it. I also love the smell ad taste, it tastes natural unlike some flavoured balms and the texture is smooth but doesn't effect any products put onto the lips afterward like lipsticks or glosses. I use it during the day and at night before bed and it always feels comfortable and soothing.

My favourite thing about the balm is that I don't need to use my fingers to apply it. As a make up artist I am very careful with hygiene and dislike using pots which I have to dip into to apply because I immediately need to wash my hands after or use a hand sanitizer. I simply twist the lid off, rub the sphere onto my lips and then i'm good to go! Also I often play with my hair and have made the mistake of applying balm with my fingers then accidentally running it through my hair (it can't be just me who does this?!) Obviously I wouldn't be able to use this balm on clients because it would not be sanitary however for personal use, this is a must have for me now! I am eager to try more flavours (particularly lemon drop) and am confident that this balm will last until its expiry date next year.

At £5.95 it is a little pricier than regular lip balms you could pick up on your shopping trip however the size and flavour alone makes it worth investing in and the fact that it helps prevent bacterial contamination on the lips and contains such fantastic ingredients mean that it is quickly becoming one of my favourite lip balms.



  1. I love this lip balm! I bought two from a site and I love them! I'm buying more!!!!! Great post :) xxx

  2. Looks so cool - the lemon one sounds lush xx

  3. I adore these, I have the mint to review soon, I'm using it everyday :)


  4. I have just bought myself the lemon one so shall let you know how it is xxx