Friday, 13 April 2012

Queen eye make up remover

As most of you will know I recently fell in love when I discovered Bioderma h20 as a way of removing make up. As someone who is often experimenting with different make up styles and trying to be as creative as possible, I am often left with very heavy make up on my face and dread having to take it off. Bioderma has been great for removing make up however when I use a fully soaked pad to remove heavy eye make up I sometimes experience discomfort in my eyes. This product is perfectly safe for eyes however I find that if I use a lot of it, I am left with slight tingling and a generally uncomfortable feeling.

 So when I was sent the Queen cosmetics eye make up remover which is suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers, I was very excited about the prospect of finally being able to put a product straight onto my eyes, move it around and be left with make up free and comfortable feeling eyes.

It is hard to describe the texture of this product but it is certainly nothing like any remover I have tried before. It is somewhere between a lotion and a balm and feels extremely luxurious on the skin. I put a small amount of product onto cotton pad and pressed onto my eye firmly and started sweeping off the make up gradually. I used about 3 cotton pads before my eye was clean. I tried this on deep smokey eyes and long wear gel liner and it took about 4 pads but after I was left with a great clean feeling and no irritation whatsoever despite using a good deal of product and much of it getting into my eyes in a balmy mess! 

I would highly recommend this product for anyone who finds liquid based removers don't do a great job of removing heavy make up and this certainly feels like more of a treat for the skin. I used it during a diy facial and placed the pads onto my eyes whilst relaxing and it felt wonderful. The product is suitable for sensitive skin so I would feel confident using this on clients too in a professional capacity. At £15 this product is not the cheapest remover you will find but it certainly works. For those who like to wear smokey eyes, this is definitely an investment you will want to consider making.

There are more products in the range including cleansers and moisturisers. Wearers of heavy make up, drag and theatre folk in particular, might want to invest in the theatrical cleansing cream, which removes the most stubborn of make up and contains no preservatives making it suitable for using over and over without causing irritation. Brilliant! 

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  1. This sounds pretty good, a little pricey for me to just go and buy, it's always hard to find products that are don't sting your eyes!


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  3. Sounds like this is a great product! Might have to try it!

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  4. this sounds like a great product, everyone seems to be raving about the bioderma im glad i didnt buy it if it stings your eyes! i have quite sensitive skin so would probably do the same to me! great post :)