Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My March Favourites

I can't believe its April already! Where has this year gone?! To celebrate the arrival of Spring and some sunshine (and showers) I have been looking at my most used and favourite products from last month and thought I would share them with you. I love reading monthly favourites posts so I hope you will enjoy reading mine! I have split them into sections and picked my favourite from each :)


 Kerastase Elixir Ultime


This product is the ultimate luxurious haircare product, which quickly smooths and control the hair without leaving residue and simply makes it more manageable and healthy looking. The product looks and smells amazing and I despite using it very often my bottle is still almost completely full! I only need one pump in my hair as its relatively smooth and straight anyway however frizzy or thicker hair may need two or three. I love using this product before blow drying on damp hair and running it through from the mid section to the ends of the hair. Kerastase is well known as one of the top haircare brands and I am definitely interested in trying the shampoo and conditioners too. Luckily I received this product as part of a gift set over Christmas as it is quite pricey, however if you have out of control hair you need this!

Make Up 

Topshop Sunbeam Highlighter


I have been incredibly impressed with the Topshop make up range so far. The lipsticks in particular are great quality and highly pigmented. However I wanted to give the face products a try and the highlighter caught my eye due to its bright gold colour and large size. I usually use cream highlighters so a powder formula was quite a new concept to me however I have been loving it! The colour is a real yellow gold which sits beautifully on cheekbones, eyes and the body. This product will be perfect for summer months because the gold will compliment a tan and give a real radiance to skin. I used it a lot during the warmer weather we had during March and it sat beautifully against my bronzer. I am not completely converted to powder highlighters and would usually choose cream however this product must be included in my favourites because its easy to use and is highly pigmented.


 Bioderma crealine H20

I recently reviewed this product on my blog so I won't go on about it too much but it had to be included because I have used it every single day to remove make up before cleansing properly. It easily removes make up including mascara and long wear gel liner and doesn't leave any oily residue on the skin. I have used about half of the bottle but it has lasted really well and feels soft and soothing on the skin. I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out despite the fact it is a little difficult to get hold of in the UK. I even set up an Ebay account purely to purchase this product! I bought from a seller recommended by other bloggers called monsieurgeorgew and the product cost roughly £15 including p&p 


Essie polishes 
L- R Island Hopping, She's picture perfect


I recently purchased two polishes from the Essie stand at the Pro beauty show in London and have been loving both shades! The lilac is perfect for the pastel spring trend and the darker plum shade is a more natural tone but is very different to anything I have owned before and I think it is the perfect nail colour for evenings out. They last well without chipping and have a lovely depth of colour. I will be buying more products from the brand and particularly have my eye on the brighter Summer colours. I have also just found out that they will be available in Boots store soon!


Neals Yard Remedies limited edition citrus shower gel 

Ok so despite loving this and having to put it into my favourites I am going to warn you now that this product is not for sale :( It was a limited edition available over Christmas as a free gift with purchase and when my boyfriend and I bought gifts for our mothers from the store we received this free gift which I was rather excited about as I had never tried the brand before. The product smells divine! It is a true citrus fragrance which smells like its literally just been squeezed from the fruit rather than a gel loaded with synthetic fragrances. The texture is very runny and it has no pump so I find myself using a little too much sometimes and it doesn't lather like other shower products however it provides a wonderful clean feeling and the smell lingers in the bathroom and on the skin. There is a geranium and orange shower gel which sounds amazing and could be a good alternative for anyone who wishes this product was still available! I will be trying more of the range in particular any body creams because the quality of the fragrances and texture is amazing.


 Living Nature active manuka honey Refreshing body lotion


I have previously raved about the skincare products from this range and the body products have impressed me just as much. This lotion is quick absorbing, light, fresh and softening. The fragrance is light and delicate and would be suitable for men and women. The texture is light enough that you can use it before getting dressed in the morning but provides a good level of moisture to the skin. The packaging is quite simple and not particularly exciting however the product inside is effective and full of high quality natural ingredients. I received this as a PR sample and it retails at just under £20 online. I am not sure that I could warrant spending that much on a body lotion however you get a lot of product for that price and it works. It is in my monthly favourites because I have been using it almost every day and the smell is pleasant but not overpowering - making it a great daily use product!

What are your March favourites?



  1. I have been using Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, its amazing! Not as pricey as the Kerastase one but from your description is very similar! xx

    1. i love that serum too :) but this one makes the hair less skinny if that makes sense hehe.i prefer this cause my hair is quite straight anyway and this smells incredible! but skinny serum is awesome before straightening! x