Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Clarisonic Mia

This review is long overdue considering I received the Mia as a gift at Christmas from my parents and have been using it ever since. I had heard lots of good things about it and after lusting after it for a while I decided to put it on my wish list and luckily found it under the Christmas tree! At £120 this is by no means a cheap beauty gadget and I could not warrant spending it on myself on a random shopping trip so it felt appropriate to ask for it as my main present last year. I chose the aqua blue colour because it is pretty and clean looking.

The clarisonic is in essence a cleansing tool which works in the same way as a sonic toothbrush. The replacable bristle head works on the skin to cleanse and exfoliate and remove 6 times more make up than manual cleansing. This claim in itself was enough to excite me as a make up artist and wearer I am aware of the importance of cleansing the skin and removing every last trace of make up. I have noticed after washing my skin manually that I am often left with foundation on the skin and go to bed feeling as if my skin isn't squeaky clean as I would like it to be. This is where my love for the clarisonic began. The first time I used it I was a little worried how hard to press and how to navigate the brush around my face but after a few times I found that by pressing firmly but not hard against the skin and concentrating on chin, nose, cheeks and forehead I could remove every last trace of make up in only 1 minute. 

The brush head has soft but firm bristles which cleanse and exfoliate the skin. I like to hold the tool lightly in my hand and move in small circular motions on each area of the face. I quickly learnt how long each area would take and now I do the routine without even thinking about it. My face was left a little red after the first few times so I made sure that I didn't press too firmly onto the face and now I have found the perfect amount of pressure. If you are left a little red after each time, don't be too worried, it is simply exfoliating the skin and therefore a little redness is expected. If it is painful or uncomfortable you may be pressing too hard. Clarisonic are always available on twitter to give advice or tips too.

The tool itself does most of the work for you and beeps when your minute is over. I can honestly say that my face has never felt as clean as after the first time I used this. It looked and felt so smooth and radiant and when I applied some toner after with a cotton pad there was no make up trace as I am used to with normal cleansing routines. I find the results similar to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish routine with a muslin cloth as this is a wonderful way to remove make up. If you enjoy the clean feeling you get from that routine then you will love this! It is like taking cleansing and exfoliating one step further and I saw significant improvements in skin texture within weeks. I have had less blemishes and I generally feel better going to bed with a completely clean face.

My clarisonic came with its own cleanser which I either applied to the brush or worked into my face before using the brush, I slightly prefer the latter technique. I enjoyed the cleanser but have found that my Cetaphil cleanser works very well. I have nearly run out of cleanser though so if any of you have suggestions for cleansers that work well with the Clarisonic then please comment below! 

I only use this tool once a day, preferably at night to remove all traces of grime and make up but some people choose to use it morning and night. For me this would be a little too harsh on my skin but my sisters who both have sensitive skin have their own Mia too which they enjoy using day and night and have had no issues whatsoever. Yes this product is expensive but I see it as an investment. Considering the amount of money I spend on skincare and make up it seems silly not to look after my skin and give it a proper cleanse each night so for me the Mia is now an essential part of my skincare regime. The Mia is small, portable, sturdy and most importantly effective. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to take their cleansing routine to the next level. 

Have you tried this product and what cleansers do you use with it?



  1. Really good review Hayley. I'm still so on the fence about this product. I'd really like it to clear up a little congestion I have on my chin. I might see how I get on with a manual Shiseido facial brush and then take it to the next stage with a Clarisonic if I get on with that. Lx

    1. yeah good idea! ive always wanted to try shiseido! i mainly get congestion on my chin too :( any cleanser recommendations, im sick of always buying the same cleansers! x

    2. I'm all about the Dermalogica special cleansing gel. It's cleared up the majority of my congestion by about 60%. But I just think a brush would help it on it's way! Pop in for a free consultation. They always give away a heap of samples to try first. Lx