Monday, 16 April 2012

Make up Shopping!

I thought I would write a quick blog post to tell you all about what I bought today whilst make up shopping! I desperately needed some disposables and sponges for my professional kit but knew that I would end up coming home with some products too!

I met my friend Vicky, a fellow make up artist and good friend, at Oxford Circus and we made our way to make up heaven, also known as MAC pro store just off Carnaby Street. Now that I have my MAC pro card I knew that I could afford to get a few more goodies for my kit and perhaps a little treat for myself ;) We spent a while swatching colours and looking at the new products before I finally made up my mind to purchase 2 eyeshadows refills (Naked Lunch and Wedge), 1 blusher refill (Melba), 1 lipstick in Rebel and 1 lipliner in Beet.

We then popped into the Make up store which I have a pro card for but have never purchased from. Until today! Vicky and I both picked up the venus highlighter cream which I have heard great things about and the colour and texture are divine!

We made an unplanned stop at Illamasqua because we can never resist and I picked up my first brush from the brand after hearing rave reviews. I wanted the eyeshadow brush 1 but it was sold out so I went for the blusher brush 2 (angled) and will buy the shadow brush another time. I have been looking for a brush which can work with blusher, contouring and highlighting and this soft stylish brush looks like it will do the job perfectly.

We then grabbed some lunch and met Gina, a beauty blogger and good friend of mine from work ( and headed off to Charles Fox. After about 20 minutes of confusion we finally found the store (I lose my way EVERY time I go). This shop is like a mecca for make up artists but is open to the public so anyone can go and explore. I picked up some sponges, steel spatula and some disposable mascara wands which are all essential for my make up kit. I resisted buying more products and was very proud of my willpower.

I will be doing a full review of al of the products very soon and can't wait to use them on clients. Although I have already decided that the Rebel lipstick might have to stay in my own handbag as it is almost too pretty to share.......



  1. I think I'm going to get my first ever Illamasqua product next week. Any tips on a good item to pop my cherry? Lx

  2. ooo so hard to pick one.the brushes are amazing,cream blushers,pigments, skin base foundation. I would say the cream blusher is a good introduction! x

  3. Hey, I have voted for you on the versatile blogger awards on my blog. Please check it out here thanks x

  4. Very tame considering how much we could have bought/wanted to buy! x