Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My favourite brush for gel liner

I have a mild (severe) obsession with make up brushes because I truly believe that they can make or break a make up look. I don't think that it is always necessary to spend a fortune on brushes but investing in a few good quality products will vastly improve make up technique and the finished look. On my make up course shopping day we were taken to Charles Fox where we were given a goody bag with free products which I immediately added to my professional kit and this bag included a small Kryolan fine art brush. 

At first I was unsure how and when I would use this brush and left it in my kit for a day when I would be creating detailed make up looks. However I recently rediscovered it again and decided to give it a try with my Maybelline gel liner and its a match made in heaven! The brush is fine enough to create a thin line across the eye however it allows you to build up the product to create a thicker more dramatic line if desired. I was given two of the brushes in my goody bag so I have put one into my pro kit and kept one for my own brush collection and have been using it almost everyday. I recently used it on a shoot and it was far easier to work with than the eyeliner/angled brushes I had previously been using. I will definitely be investing in more brushes like this as they allow a certain level of control whilst being soft enough in texture to sweep delicately across the eye.

What is your favourite brush for applying eyeliner?



  1. I use a tiny nail art brish so i can get a really precise line :)


  2. This is my favourite gel liner brush too! I would actually panic if I didn't have it in my kit! xx

  3. Perfect! I've been using the MAC 210 which was the thinnest I could find at the time & in a rush! It is really good but this one sounds superior x

  4. I use the Louise Young super fine liner brush its very similar to this I love it x